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11 November 2010 @ 02:28 pm
{duet} Sept 2010 yamadas  

September Duet 2010 – yamadas
Yamada Ryosuke

Continuing on with the “family series・Mom&Dad” from last month, we had him talk about his “sisters and his dogs”! This month’s cosplay is animal kigurumi! He’s too cute to be scary saying “rawr!” ♥  


【Big sister】My sister is 2 years older than me. She’s just 19 years old but I feel like she has matured all the sudden. The way she does her makeup is different. Is it because she started working? My sister work as a sales staff. I stop by sometimes and she would say “welcome” in this unusual really high tone. I just have to hold my stomach to laugh thinking how she would never talk like that. Then, when I get close to her and ask “where can I find ____?” she says “that’ll be… hey Ryosuke” (laughs). Now we can get along like that but we did have pretty aggressive fights in back in kindergarten. When my sister got hold of a plastic baseball bat, I thought she was a real monster. I remember that she gave me one stabbed in my face with the grip of the baseball bat and I lost. I could never forget that (laughs). She says “short” or “fatty” to me now and we don’t have real fights. But let’s not do that too okay? You’re an adult now. Also, you’re a big sister. Be more kind to me! There aren’t many cute little brothers like me you know! Got it!?

【Little sister】My little sister is a tough kid. I guess her personality is like moms and she’s a little boyish. She has bad mouth and she can say anything without holding back. But that’s not because she’s “bold”, I know that it’s from all the barriers and troubles she had to go through. I respect her in some ways even though she’s my little sister. That’s why things my big sister say might make me mad but it really hurts when my little sister says those things. But really… every word you say can be actually cruel sometimes (laughs). I’m your big brother so I take care of my little sister and I really do but don’t kill my “big brother spot light”. Please don’t do that (laughs). But, with all that cruelty, there’s so much kindness. I could never forget the time you wrote a message to me, worried about my health when I got really busy with work. Also, that reminds me. I have to add this about my little sister. My little sister is great at drawing. Her school left her in charge of making a pamphlet for the school’s field day or festival. I’m really amazed at her talent.

【Ku & Cookie】My two dogs are awesome♪Really really cute! Ku is a male toy poodle and he’s really ticklish. I’m not sure if he can’t stand being tickled on his back but he coughs for strange reasons. Just seeing him does that is so cute that I have to do it over and over again. Sorry Ku (laughs). But I know not to overdo it now! Because the other day, I was in a strange mood and started swinging and turning Ku while singing “Pierre, pier, pier, pierre~♪”. Then, he bit my finger. I was hurt and scared so I won’t do “Pierre~♪” ever again. It’s not good to be annoying even he can be so cute. My other dog, Cookie, is a male Chihuahua. I only want to say one thing to Cookie. Stop showing your stomach to everyone! (← exposing stomach means being absolute submissive)
magic少女。: JUMP ・ 涼介 ・ ngusoboukenrider on November 11th, 2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
There aren’t many cute little brothers like me you know! Got it!?


the love this guy has for his family. it's so precious ;u; ♥