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09 November 2010 @ 01:51 pm
{duet} Nov 2010 Yamadas  

November Duet 2010 - Yamadas
Yamada Ryosuke

A well-known fall event must be Halloween! That’s why this month’s cosplay is a “witch” ♪If this witch came to your door to “trick or treat” we would definitely give lots of strawberries and sweets right? ♥


【1】The number of stuffed animal I have in my room. I caught one from crane machine about 2 month ago. It’s a bear this tiny (holds hands 12 ~ 13cm apart). (Hikaru sitting beside him adds “You only have one stuffed animal? I have two, a monkey and a bear.  The monkey was a gift from my niece. I bought the bear at a theme park I went for Shumatsu YY JUMPing and it’s wearing the 3D glasses from V6 concert.) Why can’t the 3D glasses from this year’s SUMMARY!? (laughs) I actually used to have lots of stuffed animals when I was little. Like chameleon I bought at Ueno Zoo or of monsters. I’d put all of those (stuffed animals) in a boat I made out of my blanket and pretended like I was a pirate. Who was the captain? Of course that was me ♪

【2】I’ve had somewhat of anemia attack so I’ve been taking 2 supplement pills everyday to keep up my iron level. I also drink yogurt with a daily worth of iron in them so that means I’m taking two days worth of iron in a day. I think it’s showing results. Maybe (laughs).

【0.2】My eyesight. I don’t play games on TV or cell phone and I know I don’t study that hard (!?) but I still have bad eyesight. That’s why I usually wear my glasses at home and school. That Lasik eye surgery I hear lately is only for 20 years and older because of particular reason.

【5】Number of glasses I have. Since I have a habit of losing my glasses a lot, the number is never certain. I already lost one the other day so I went to get a new one yesterday.

【3】NYC is a 3 member group, JUMP members who goes to the same school and have same class is 3 people, I’m usually with 2 other people, and 2 siblings ….  Maybe I have some fate with number of people that being “3” Would I want 3 kids in the future? Yeah, I guess so (laughs).  

【4】Number of changes made with tightrope walking performance in this year’s SUMMARY (laughs). First it was just crossing two rope where Dai chan and I would walk diagonally. First change #1 was that, we would use just one rope. If we used 2 ropes, there would be less shake because the ropes would have a support in the middle. That’s why we took on the more challenging way. Change #2 is not having a mat under the rope when we used to have one during practice and the actual concert. Change #3 comes in when we only would have to walk the rope but we got used to just walking across and argument of “the people who comes (to our show) more than once would get bored of it” was brought up so we performed walking backwards from August. After that, we would walk straight forward to the middle, change direction, and walk backwards from there. Performing everything put together. That’s change #4 (laughs). We went through all that trouble to entertain you guys!

【7】Number of drama I’ve been in. Hidarime Tantei EYE, Tantei Gakuen Q, Scrap Teacher, 1pound no Fukuin, Sensei wa Erai!, Furuhata Chugakusei, and Nini no koto wasurenaide futured in 24 hour TV. Those 7 pieces… right!? I didn’t miss out anything did I!? I’d be in trouble if I did (sweat). I like getting to know staffs or co-stars on the set since I’m with them for hours. The staffs are all older than me but they’re all working hard to make a great piece of work. I feel like I grow up because I’m surrounded by people like them.

animecrazy2212animecrazy2212 on November 13th, 2010 02:12 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating^^