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03 June 2010 @ 12:50 pm
{duet} June 10 yamadas  
Duet June 2010 - yamadas
Yamada Ryosuke

 “JUMP member version 3rd edition” will feature Inoo & Nakajima& Chinen, these three. There are talks about those funny dear old days! This month’s cosplay is Japanese archer! Raise your hands if you were struck your heart by Yama chan!

【Inoo Kei】
No offence but he might just be the most confusing out of the members (laughs). But I know Inoo kun is actually a really really funny person. His one little remark is so odd, it’s hilarious. That reminds me, even the other day Inoo kun said “abalones (awabi) doesn’t taste good” and everyone else launched back at him saying “Eh, abalones are good” he said “ah… not abalones, it’s  turbo shell (sazae) that’s not good”. He mixed up abalones and turbo shells. He has those moments quite a lot (laughs). It’s like he doesn’t have his foot on the ground… like he’s always floating. But there are no bad people if you’re a dog lover so Inoo kun must be a good person too!

【from Inoo】
Thinking about it now, I’m always talking to Yabu and Hikaru, I don’t talk with Yama chan that much. But since we have long way ahead of us and with this many members, I thought I could deepen relationship one member at a time (laughs). But I have been talking with the 7 members a lot lately and I just started getting along with Chinen. That means Yama chan is next.

【Nakajima Yuto】
He might be your average honor student. Ever since he got hooked on drumming, I see him beating rhythm anytime anywhere with his hands and feet. I understand he’s working hard but… I think you should stop that on the train? (laughs). Ah, that reminds me, my first oversea travel was with Yuto kun. We went to Hawaii for a magazine shoot. There, we took bath together but I got dizzy from the heat and collapsed in the bath room. Then, I saw my deceased grandpa in front of me.  He reached out his hands so I said “thanks grandpa…” but that was actually Yuto kun reaching out his hands and helping me up. I guess I hit my head pretty bad to see my deceased grandpa..!? Yuto kun, do you remember that?

【from Nakajima】
It’s becoming a habit of mine lately. But like Yama chan said, I’ll stop doing that in the train! I didn’t realize stupid nose echoes in the train because I drum while listening to music. I’ll be careful next time. I remember that bathroom incident in Hawaii very well. Even though I helped Yama chan up, he said “felt like my grandpa helped me up” (laughs). I think Yama chan’s grandpa borrowed my body because he was worried about you maybe?

【Chinen Yuri】
Knows how to show off right. He knows the right way to show he’s good side. But I think it takes an effort to make that happen too. His acrobats are really amazing right? I want be able to do acrobats too but I don’t even try to get on the same level as Chinen. I feel my life in danger if I try (laughs). Speaking of Chinen, he also acts like a attention whore. No one can turn down that smile and friendliness! He comes to me saying things like “yama chan~♪” or “ryousuke~♪” so it always looks like I’m the boyfriend and Chinen is the girlfriend. I’m not going to be sweet to you forever!!

【from chinen】
No way, Yama chan knows how to show off more! The way you look at the camera while singing or the look you have during magazine shoots, I’m nowhere close to you (laughs). Also, it’s very rare but Yama chan comes to me sometimes so Yama chan becomes the girlfriend and I’m the boyfriend. Don’t forget that too (laughs).


Endrizka Rachmadieniaendrizka on June 3rd, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
yamajima and yamachii in one article? people must be happy XDD
thanks for translating :)