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23 October 2008 @ 07:39 pm
{radio} HS7 Okamoto & Chinen  

19th Radio Show (OA October 23rd, 2008)
Okamoto Keito & Chinen Yuri

Okamoto: Good evening, this is Hey!Say!7’s Okamoto Keito

Chinen: Good evening, this is Chinen Yuri

Okamoto: October is going to over in about a week

Chinen: So fast

Okamoto: It’s going to winter… winter soon. What kind of clothes do you wear during winter? Do you have any favorite [item of clothing]?

Chinen: Nope

Okamoto: No?

Chinen: Winter is yellow for me

Okamoto: Yellow? Don’t you have any favorite style? Like wearing layers?

Chinen: Well of course that’d be like wearing 4 layers!

Okamoto: or like a sweater?

Chinen: I think wearing 4 layers is the warmest and the best. Don’t you think you should care more about your body’s health than your fashion?

Okamoto: Yeah. I actually like scarves as well.

Chinen: So much that you even wear it with your school uniform.

Okamoto: It’d be November in almost a week so..

Chinen: Well, my birthday is in November

Okamoto: Yeah but it’s on the 30th

Chinen: Yup

Okamoto: Okay, then I’ll get you something.

Chinen: You’ll get me something? Don’t get any spiders because you like them.

Okamoto: Yeah, well maybe a unlimited pass to Takanozan

Chinen: What could that be? I wonder if there are such things. Well, let’s start

Okamoto: Yeah, let’s start


Okamoto: Continuing from yesterday’s show. We’d like to get to know more about Yuri’s true self today as well.  

Chinen: Please enjoy until the end

Tell us Yuri kun!

Okamoto: We feature Chinen Yuri’s personal data the last time but today we’d like to get to know more about Yuri’s true self. 7 questions to Yuri, start! 1) What are you really into right now?

Chinen: You know how we are doing the radio shows? Well,…

Okamoto: Yeah we’ve doing this for a while

Chinen: Umm… You know how we use echoes a lot?

Okamoto: Yeah, we use echoes a lot even just now at “tell us Yuri kun” part

Chinen: It’s not really “into” but more “wanting to learn”. I want to learn how to echo just using my voice instead of using the echo effect

Okamoto: Oh…

Chinen: Tell us Yu…

Okamoto: Well well, later. Do it for us later, okay? Please tell us

Chinen: Gyoza!

Okamoto: Gyoza? Oh well, I’ll ask you later. Instead, what’s your least favorite?

Chinen: Umm… If I say it I think this radio show will take so many minute or even hours because I have so many.

Okamoto: Oh okay well your most…

Chinen: But I said this in a dramatic way so don’t think I have that many

Okamoto: Okay then, your least favorite food out of that

Chinen: Eggplant

Okamoto: Eggplant?  Okay, then what is your favorite ride at an amusement park?

Chinen: a ride? Of course it’d that

Okamoto: That?

Chinen: Yeah, that

Okamoto: What, roller coasters? Bungee jump?

Chinen: Of course it’d be haunted house

Okamoto: Merry-go-around? Eh, you’re okay with haunted houses?

Chinen: Just normal

Okamoto: Oh well I’ll ask you later. Then, what is your favorite word/phrase?

Chinen: Umm… 愛と勇気と智/ Ai to Yuuki to Satoshi/ Love, Courage, and Satoshi

Okamoto: Umm… What do you do before you sleep?

Chinen: stare at the ceiling

Okamoto: Then, what is your favorite insect?

Chinen: Insect? I guess it’d be rhinoceros beetle

Okamoto: So it’s rhinoceros beetle…

Chinen: Yeah like any other person would say

Okamoto: Okay, here it goes. You said you are really into echoes or self-echo?

Chinen Yeah

Okamoto: Then say “Please keep supporting Hey!Say!JUMP” in echo

Chinen: I’ll show you how it’s done

Okamoto: Show us or let us hear it

Chinen: Okay “Hey!Say!JUMP …”

Okamoto: You said your favorite food was gyoza but when we went to a ramen place the other day. I asked you if you want to order some gyoza and you said no. Why?

Chinen: Well, that’s because if I wanted to eat gyoza, I’ll eat that as a main course. So I’d have to go to a gyoza place.

Okamoto: I see.

Chinen: Yup

Okamoto: Then, eggplants. Why don’t you like eggplants?

Chinen: I don’t like them

Okamoto: Eggplants? Umm… are you sure you’re fine in haunted houses?

Chinen: Of course

Okamoto: Are you sure?

Chinen: It’s more like I haven’t been to many haunted houses. I think it was wrong for me to have said that I like them. I guess it’s an attraction I want to go to the most.

Okamoto: Oh~. Then, do you want to go to one? To a one that’s really long like an hour?

Chinen: Yeah, it has to be really long like that

Okamoto: You’d go to one? Want to go with me? I might run away in the middle but do you still want to go?

Chinen: Yeah, sure.

Okamoto: Really?

Chinen: I’m not ganna let you go. I’m never going to let you go.

Okamoto: Ummm… let’s set your favorite phrase aside and thing you do before sleep…

Chinen: Why, why would you set that aside? Is “Love, Courage, and Satoshi” bad?

Okamoto: Satoshi? Oh, it’s Ohno kun.

Chinen: Yeah

Okamoto: You sure love Ohno kun

Chinen: Yup

Okamoto: It was Love, Courage, and Satoshi right? It’s my first hearing that ever

Chinen: Well no. My actual favorite word is just “Satoshi” but doesn’t “Love, Courage, and Satoshi” sound good? With all just one word per word.

Okamoto: Are they just one word per word? Oh I see

Chinen: Love, Courage, and Satoshi

Okamoto: Oh well. Umm… he answered 7 questions for us.

Chinen: Yup

Okamoto: I hope you know what kind of member Chinen Yuri is. That was “Tell us Yuri kun”. Please listen to a song for now. It is Chinen’s drama’s theme song. Hey!Say!JUMP’s new song, Mayonaka no Shadow BOY


Okamoto: It’s already time for us to apart. We are waiting for your mails for this show.

Chinen: The address is 105-8002 Bunka Broadcast Hey!Say!7’s show. The email address is jump@joqr.net. The email address is jump@joqr.net, jump@joqr.net. We’ll be waiting for many of your mails. This was Hey!Say!7’s Chinen Yuri and

Okamoto: Okamoto Keito

Chinen: Good bye~

Okamoto: Bye~ bye~

山☂知: [best] laughing at 7baliwnababae on October 24th, 2008 12:01 am (UTC)
|D Their conversations always keep me laughing until the end for some reason. IDK. /dork

Thank you for this! ♥
Carmencookierulez on October 24th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
>w< d'aww~ the "i'm never ganna let you go" part got me flailing alot XD;
thanks for the translations!!
hotaru_snowhotaru_snow on October 24th, 2008 10:23 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating! ^__^

lol~"Love, Courage and Satoshi" XDD As expected from Chinen
hime_yahime_ya on October 24th, 2008 09:56 pm (UTC)
Wow, Chii is really weird. XD
IIamu Karugaru (良編軽々): nani?hydeist_wannabe on October 25th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
"Okamoto: You’d go to one? Want to go with me? I might run away in the middle but do you still want to go?

Chinen: Yeah, sure.

Okamoto: Really?

Chinen: I’m not ganna let you go. I’m never going to let you go."

...more otp lol

"愛と勇気と智” 勿論知念君ですね!

また訳書のことはありがとう! その二人の会話は面白い^^
FaiaSakurafaiasakura on October 25th, 2008 02:48 am (UTC)
I love how Chinen answers with "Gyoza" before the question is even asked. And the whole "Love, Courage, and Satoshi" thing!

Why is it that I can hear the email address letters more clearly when Chinen say it then when Keito say it? The English boy should be able to pronounce English better that him...

Thank you for translating~~