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04 March 2009 @ 06:14 pm
{radio} HS7 Yamada x Chinen  

112nd Radio Show (OA March 3rd 2009) 
Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri

HS7 UltraPower

Yamada: Good evening, this is HS7’s Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: Good evening, this is Chinen Yuri! Well, I’ll read the letter now

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: Radioname Kanagon san

Yamada: Kanagon

Chinen: Wow, okay “I went out with my dad the other day and maybe because he used to put his tickets in the turnstile, he put his PASMO dot dot dot … in the turnstile by accident”

Yamada: That’s probably in tiny little pieces by now

Chinen: “I laughed hysterically at his actions. Have you ever done something unintentionally and made a fool of yourself? If you do, please share some!” Keito said something in the summer about how he tried to put in PASMO or suica to his house

Yamada: Oh I know

Chinen: And try to opened the door

Yamada: Why the heck was he thinking?

Chinen: I’ve never heard of anyone doing such a stupid thing in my life until then. I don’t think I have done any

Yamada: No

Chinen: Isn’t that amazing?

Yamada: Although we probably have done things unintentionally

Chinen: It’d have been funny if the door opened with PASMO

Yamada: When I was eating bento… umm, let’s say I was holding this pen when I thought I had chopsticks in my hands. I sometimes eat without looking and I’d then, stab the meatballs [with the pen] to eat and I’d realize it was a pen! Thing happens to me quite often.

Chinen: That’s quite a shame

Yamada:  Quite a shame?

Chinen: Shame, almost to the point of being dreadful

Yamada: But I enjoyed it

Chinen: Wow

Yamada: Yeah, kind a like that

Chinen: Hmm

Yamada: You’re not a type to make mistakes, are you?

Chinen: I don’t make many mistakes. I think when I do make mistakes I try to make it as if it was on purpose

Yamada: I see, that’s why we don’t notice

Chinen: I try to make it look like it was on purpose

Yamada: You are shy after all

Chinen: I think it’s one of Chinen kun’s bad habits

Yamada: Chinen kun’s bad habits

Chinen: Yes! Well, that’s about it

Yamada: Yes

Chinen: Then let’s get this started!

HS7 UltraPower

Yamada: It’s that corner which you get to enjoy hearing our voices

Chinen: Please imagine many things while listening to our voices


Chinen: It’s a corner which we say phrases we wouldn’t normally say

Yamada: Let’s have Chinen do one first

Chinen: Eh, me?

Yamada: Yup. From penname SuiSui Gyoza san

Chinen: Ooh, feels like this person said Sui Gyoza twice

Yamada: Yes, suisui “Good evening, HS7. I thought of a phrase I want Chinen kun to say today. Please, do your best!”

Chinen: Please be a cool phrase!

Yamada: Well this is… oh well. This is only Chinen can say

Chinen: Again!? Again!?

Yamada: It says “please say this with a little girly touch”

Chinen: Isn’t this like the same as last weeks? AH! Doesn’t this happen a lot though?

Yamada: Ehh, is it nothing out of the ordinary for you?

Chinen: No, it’s not out of the ordinary but well, wasn’t I like this at the Countdown Concert?

Yamada: You do this in front of the TV as well, right?  

Chinen: Gosh, this is just like how I am at the concerts.

Yamada: Say it say it

Chinen: “Ohno kun~ Look here~” I feel like I say this all the time so I didn’t feel nervous at all

Yamada: You’re getting too used to it! That’s not good enough!

Chinen: I ..

Yamada: Ohno kun would never look your way with that! You’re too optimistic, say it one more time with more feelings!

Chinen: Please look here, please look here cherry ♪

Yamada: One more time!

Chinen: Who are you, Keito!?

Yamada: Say it one more time with feelings!  

Chinen: Are you trying to be Keito!?

Yamada: Ohno kun haven’t received your feelings from that. Try to make me jealous like “what the heck does that kid think he is” pretend that I like Ohno kun

Chinen: What?

Yamada: Not ‘what?’

Chinen: No no no, nore more

Yamada: Well, let’s try saying that one more time

Chinen: This corner is supposed be just once

Yamada: Scene 34, here it is

Chinen: Wait! What about the eco fee

Yamada: Ahh, the eco fee

Chinen: Our budget is important. We won’t have enough for you. We won’t be able to put eco on yours

Yamada: Oh yeah

Chinen: That’s why, let’s just finish this with one more phrase

Yamada: How boring

Chinen: Well, I’ll read the next one

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: This is a phrase for Yama chan. From Chiba-ken Riorin san “good evening HS7”

Yamada: Good evening

Chinen: “I listen to you guys every day. I’m an 8th grader who loves every HSJ members. Please say this phrase in a really cool way. The point is, where you say the “ah-ah” phrase. Say it like you’re sighing. Also, there’s a heart at the end so please say it like there is one” please do

Yamada: I see

Chinen: Good luck

Yamada: What should I imagine to say this? Something like… oh I know

Chinen: What?

Yamada: Since Chinen kun picked Ohno kun, I’ll pick Koichi kun

Chinen: Koichi kun

Yamada: I’ll try and act out Koichi kun’s prince-like-ness

Chinen: Oh okay, do your best. Here it is!

Yamada: “*sigh* You tripped? Give me your hand, I’ll protect you”

Chinen: You were actually pretty cute. This was supposed to be a cool phrase but Yama chan ended up sounding cute

Yamada: That’s not good

Chinen: I think this cute character is going to take away my cute character position

Yamada: I feel embarrassed when I always say these things

Chinen: You always say this!?

Yamada: Eh, not stupid.

Chinen: To who!?

Yamada: No, I said I always feel embarrassed

Chinen: Well, it’s exactly that kind of corner. By getting embarrassed…. It’s a corner which you have to hide that part of you

Yamada: Let’s rename it to ‘the diabolic corner’

Chinen: No no

Yamada: Devil corner

Chinen: You won’t be able to do anything else if you’re getting stuck on these

Yamada: You’re right. I have to overcome this!

Chinen: Yeah, if you’re with Keito, he’ll make you do this 3 times

Yamada: Oh yeah

Chinen: You can’t escape when you’re doing this with Keito

Yamada: Yup

Chinen: Do your best when that happens

Yamada: Then, I don’t want to do a corner with Keito

Chinen: Yeah

Yamada: With him for this corner

Chinen: This corner is tough but

Yamada: Well, please keep sending us fun phrases like these! This was Hey!Say!WORDS!

Chinen: Please listen to a song for now, its HSJ’s

Yama-Chii: School Kakumei


Yamada: It’s already time for us to go

Chinen: No no no no no

Yamada: What? What sempai!?

Chinen: Please don’t forget that corner is one time only

Yamada: Ah, you’re not sure if you sent your feelings to him. Okay then, I’ll give you another chance. Go ahead!

Chinen: I don’t mean that. I’m not saying I don’t want to say it again

Yamada: Then what?

Chinen: No, this corner… hm? I mean that was just one time only

Yamada: Ahh

Chinen: Please don’t forget

Yamada: Yup. I can’t be Keito

Chinen: Even with Ryutaro and Yuto, people might think ‘why is Yama chan making them do all that?’

Yamada: It’ll be fine

Chinen: Please remember that part as some common sense

Yamada: Okay, got it got it got it got it

Chinen: This corner has common senses too

Yamada: I got it got it got it got it. Just one time. This is only one time thing, for this corner

Chinen: Yes, but in Keito’s case, it’s 3 times. Please don’t forget that

Yamada: This is strictly for Keito

Chinen: Yes, this is strictly for Keito. Well kind a like that. We are waiting for your mails

Yamada: The address is…

Chinen: From cool phrases to funny phrases, anything is fine for this HSWords so please keep sending us more!

Yamada: Your host, HS7’s Yamada Ryosuke and

Chinen: Chinen Yuri

Yama-Chi: See you tomorrow

IIamu Karugaru (良編軽々): nani?hydeist_wannabe on March 5th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)

”Chinen: That’s why, let’s just finish this with one more phrase

Yamada: How boring” yama-chan was enjoying hearing chii's voice wasn't he XD

(no subject) - stellarsky08 on March 5th, 2009 01:03 am (UTC) (Expand)
Carmencookierulez on March 5th, 2009 06:26 am (UTC)
i always like this corner >w<.
haha, they're bring up the echo fee again XD
wasn't it with chinen and nakajima, when they first mentioned it?

thanks for the translation! <3
ployzz on March 5th, 2009 10:20 am (UTC)
Echo fee !!!! HAHAHA
They're too FUNNY ne~
YamaChii pair is hilarious >3<,,

Thank you for translation :)
山☂知: [hsj] number threebaliwnababae on March 5th, 2009 01:04 pm (UTC)

Try to make me jealous

ajskdgasdggkjs ♥

I am incoherent but lol these two love Keito ♥
satsukisora: HS7satsukisora on March 5th, 2009 01:33 pm (UTC)
wow this is so funnyxD

i want keito too ♥♥ keito,, come back~

ah, btw what is PASMO?
(Anonymous) on March 5th, 2009 10:12 pm (UTC)
what's up with this two??
They kept mentioning Keito for 2 show already.
But it so fun to see no HS7 can beat Keito when it comes of bullying other member on radio show now
trapamtrapam on March 6th, 2009 01:13 pm (UTC)
a secret war between Chinen and Yamada to have Keito?
Thanks for translating
Ksilyangpilak on May 29th, 2009 08:22 pm (UTC)
Keito was mentioned again. hahaha
thanks for translating. ^_^
Still longing for him....riotakeuchi on July 12th, 2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
why did thay have to mention Keito that much XD

Yamachan jealoused over Ohnokun nee? >s<

Keito this and Keito that . Who is him, Radio-show-super-star ????