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04 January 2009 @ 07:04 pm
{radio} HS7 Okamoto x Morimoto  

69th Radio Show (OA January 1st 2009) 
Okamoto Keito x Morimoto Ryutaro

HS7 UltraPower

Okamoto: Good evening and Happy New Years. This is HS7’s Okamoto Keito

Morimoto: Happy New Years, this is Morimoto Ryutaro

Okamoto: It’s already 2009 today

Morimoto: It is

Okamoto: I think there are less people listening today

Morimoto: Why?

Okamoto: The reason why is

Morimoto: Please don’t say things like that  

Okamoto: People don’t get much sleep on December 31st ‘cause they are up till January 1st and the sad truth is they’re not watching us anymore at 10

Morimoto: Not watching, listening

Okamoto: Listen…are they listening?

Morimoto: I’d be happy if they are listening

Okamoto: Yeah, we’d be really happy if they are

Morimoto: Yes. What’s your 2009 resolution?!

Okamoto: 2009 started so what should I do?

Morimoto: Your resolution!

Okamoto: My resolution is

Morimoto: What’s your resolution!? Let’s say it on the radio 

Okamoto: My resolution?

Morimoto: It is the first this year

Okamoto: Ooh… well, let’s just keep doing as if it was new

Morimoto: Do this as if it was new?

Okamoto: Hmmm

Morimoto: What do you mean as if it was new?

Okamoto: Like let’s just keep doing this like kids

Morimoto: Ah like fresh/new?

Okamoto: Yeah

Morimoto: I see

Okamoto: A year passed but we should do it fresh/new this year again ‘cause only HSJ will have that sort of thing

Morimoto: I see

Okamoto: I’m just saying we should keep doing this without losing our freshness

Morimoto: Our kid-likes

Okamoto: Yeah

Morimoto: HS7

Okamoto: What about Ryutaro san?

Morimoto: Me? To go beyond last year

Okamoto: Oh for example?

Morimoto: To use what I’ve experienced last year and go beyond Please stop doing the choo-choo train (exile)

Okamoto: For example?

Morimoto: Just to step up a level

Okamoto: Oh

Morimoto: I was thinking of running through like how you’d go up the stairs one by one

Okamoto: That means you’ll start today, right?

Morimoto: Yeah, starting today

Okamoto: Then I wish you a good luck on the radio

Morimoto: Thanks and you have to do your best too

Okamoto: No, I’m saying Ryutaro have to do boke now

Morimoto: I’ll just keep tsukkomi

Okamoto: You’re going to tsukkomi?

Morimoto: I’ll do my best

Okamoto: Good luck

Morimoto: Please support me

Okamoto: Well, let’s start soon

Morimoto: Yes

Oka-Mori: HS7 UltraPower


Okamoto: We’d like to talk with the talk theme that we received from you

Okamoto: Like I said earlier, today is the first show this year! Please enjoy



Okamoto: Well, this corner is where we talk with the talk’s keyword we received from you. We’ve received many keywords. Please pull on out of the box Ryutaro san

Morimoto: Here it is! This one! Penname ah, Tokyo-to penname Kimukimu san

Okamoto: Ooh Kimukimu

Morimoto: Thank you very much! The keyword is “English”

Okamoto: Ooh, English! What was your score on English for that midterm Ryutaro?

Morimoto: It was pretty good but this has nothing to do with midterms

Okamoto: Ah, English

Morimoto: Kimukimu san says “Like Keito kun, I …”

Okamoto: Go-o-o-sh!

Morimoto: Says here that this person have studied abroad for 9 years in a English speaking country

Okamoto: Kimukimu san too? Ooh

Morimoto: I’ve went to a English speaking country to study abroad too for 5 years

Morimoto: What’s studying abroad? How do you get there?

Okamoto: Studying abroad? One day, I was just on the airplane by myself

Morimoto: What!?

Okamoto: With a trunk. I was really surprised. You usually wake up and go to school but on that day, I woke up and was sent to an airport with a trunk

Morimoto: Eh? Even your dad wasn’t with you?

Okamoto: I went alone

Morimoto: What about the house?

Okamoto: The house? I don’t know. Then I went out to go on the plane and without knowing where I was going, I was in England. A flight attendant came with me telling me “this way” and there was a sign with ‘Okamoto Keito’ at the airport. I was like “ah konnichiwa”

Morimoto: You said “hello”?

Okamoto: No, ‘cause that person was Japanese

Morimoto: Oh really?

Okamoto: I asked “konnichiwa, where am I?” then “This is England” “Oh, I’m in England, what am I going to do now?” “Oh, you’re going to a school here now” “Ah, I see. Please to meet you” happened and I was there for 5 years

Morimoto: That must’ve been tough

Okamoto: Isn’t that pretty amazing?

Morimoto: It is amazing, it’s amazing how you could say “Please to meet you”

Okamoto: Well, I didn’t much back then

Morimoto: Next, Keito san pull one out

Okamoto: Oh me? Was that good?

Morimoto: Yeah that was fine

Okamoto: Oh there’s a lot. From Saitama-ken radioname Sakisaki san. The keyword is “alien”

Morimoto: Do you think there are aliens?

Okamoto: Of course there are.

Morimoto: I think there are Martians but

Okamoto: Ryutaro, what do you think?

Morimoto: I don’t think they exists

Okamoto: That’s why Santa doesn’t come to you

Morimoto: Excuse me but its New Years

Okamoto: That’s why

Morimoto: We’ve already started this year with Happy New Years

Okamoto: Not believing in aliens equals not believing in Santa, see… see

Morimoto: I believe in Santa

Okamoto: I don’t think so

Morimoto: I do but I just didn’t have anything I wanted

Okamoto: Then, why don’t you believe in aliens?

Morimoto: Doesn’t it sound fake?

Okamoto: Of course there are aliens

 Morimoto: No there aren’t! If there are, then I’m sorry

Okamoto: Of course there are aliens

Morimoto: I’m sorry if they exist

Okamoto: No, they do

Morimoto: Do they?

Okamoto: Of course

Morimoto: I don’t care if there are or there aren’t

Okamoto: Really?

Morimoto: Yeah

Okamoto: Well, we are waiting for keywords that you want us to talk about

Morimoto: Yup

Okamoto: This was HEY!SAY!TALKING

Morimoto: Please listen to a song for now, it’s HSJ

Oka-Mori: Your Seed


Morimoto: It’s already time for us to go! We are waiting for your mails

Okamoto: The address is…

Morimoto: Please keep supporting HS7 UltraPower, HSJ and HS7

Okamoto: Yes

Morimoto: This was HS7 Morimoto Ryutaro and

Okamoto: Okamoto Keito

Morimoto: Sayonara!

silverxrainsilverxrainx on January 5th, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)
LOL Keito's reaction when he went to England was quite... calm... as expected from Keito LOL
And indeed, their freshness, I'm missing it since their last two singles were quite cool and mature. Expecially mayonakan no shadow boy. I hope their next single is more UMP like XD *totally off topic*
Thanks for translating! :D
tokidoki_samatokidoki_sama on January 5th, 2009 01:11 am (UTC)
Haha LOL Keito...you are MADE OF WIN!!! I love him to death! Still harping about santa...XD

Thanks for sharing!
(Deleted comment)
Aeris: YamaChiiaeri_s on January 5th, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
What the heck Keito - you just walked onto a plane not knowing where you were going? ...Somehow, I can see Keito doing that though ^-^;;

*laugh* Well, thank you as always <333333 You are a lovely translator and we (I) wouldn't know what to do without you XD Not understand the radio shows, for one.
Carmencookierulez on January 5th, 2009 05:25 am (UTC)
D: he was just shipped to england like that!? DDD:
anyways, thanks for the trans again! 8D
Riwa, Iarmellaiarmella on January 5th, 2009 09:03 am (UTC)
whoah, nice reaction keito!!

hih^^ thanks for the trans!
マッロンバン ܤmarronblan on January 5th, 2009 10:05 am (UTC)
whut keito. That is like being deported o_o
crystalangel895 on January 7th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)
I really love this part

[i]Morimoto: I don’t think they exists

Okamoto: That’s why Santa doesn’t come to you[/i]

Ahhh~ Keito was deported! O_O

rurusuza_xoxorurusuza_xoxo on January 7th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
LOL keito just sent like that? wew... i wish i could go to JAPAN, sent by my parents just like "that" hahahhaha
Kyuukisekiworld on January 8th, 2009 09:57 am (UTC)
wow keito XD

his first reaction when he was first in England was so cute ~

thanks for the translations! !
yamana57yamana57 on January 13th, 2009 04:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
fandom clashtweetyyyy on January 17th, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)
i'll freak out if it was me.
thanks for translating!
tego♥massu=LOVEkatrinasacay on January 17th, 2009 06:44 am (UTC)
Okamoto: That’s why Santa doesn’t come to you

Morimoto: Excuse me but its New Years

....keito, what's up with bringing Santa up on the topic about alien..xD
keito is a strong-minded person ne (i don't know how to call it)
but being sent to a foreign coutry just like that must be really hard.

thanks again for this.^^
halibanhaliban on January 17th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)


that's pretty amazing...did keito not crying knowing that he left his friends?

but....lucky him too...^_^