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20 December 2008 @ 11:54 pm
{radio} HS7 Nakajima x Chinen  

57th Radio Show (OA December 16th 2008) 
Nakajima Yuto x Chinen Yuri


Nakajima: Good evening, this is HS7’s Nakajima Yuto

Chinen: Good evening, this is Chinen Yuri

Chinen: We were a bit ummm…

Nakajima: Bit

Chinen: Laughing

Nakajima: Yes, laughing

Chinen: We’re already passed half of December now

Nakajima: No!

Chinen: Gosh

Nakajima: No!

Chinen: 2008 will be over soon so…

Nakajima: It’s too soon! Why is it so soon?! It’s crazy! No, wait I’m the crazy one. Do you have any time, season, or month that seems to pass by quick for you?

Chinen: I think July…  August pass by fast

Nakajima: Yeah because of the fun times especially on natsu yasumi [summer break]

Chinen: Yatsu nasumi [re-worded summer break]

Nakajima: Yeah, yatsu nasumi

Chinen: Seems that way because we have summer break

Nakajima: Right?

Chinen: That’s the number one

Nakajima: We had SUMMARY

Chinen: Oh yeah

Nakajima: It was just the other day almost, just yesterday!

Chinen: Feels like it was yesterday but

Nakajima: Feels like it

Chinen: But it’s been a while now

Nakajima: Yeah and we appeared on a drama as well

Chinen: Hmmm

Nakajima: Let’s start now! HS7

Chinen: Ultra

Naka-Chi: Power~!


Nakajima: It’s that corner which you get to hear the unexpected side of us

Chinen: Please enjoy our one-shot phrases you can only hear here

Nakajima: Please enjoy



Chinen: We are waiting for your mails on any phrase you want us to say in this corner.

Nakajima: Yup

Chinen: We will keep saying phrases that we don’t usually say as HS7 or actually we want to sa$#&)

Nakajima: We want to say them

Chinen: #$()#&

Nakajima: Want to say them

Chinen: Want to say then

Nakajima: $)@#%(&

Chinen: Yup, just keep saying them

Nakajima: Let’s have Chi say the first one

Chinen: okay

Nakajima: Please do, here it goes

Chinen: Penname is?

Nakajima: Radioname, this is a good one, winter mikan

Chinen: Oohh winter mikan

Nakajima: I just want to eat you in the kotatsu. Well, let’s start saying them. It says here to copy how my mother says it exactly

Chinen: Exactly copy

Nakajima: I guess this means that the mom says this

Chinen: It’s too long!

Nakajima: Just say it for them!

Chinen: It’s too long to read

Nakajima: Please read it for them, do it

Chinen: Fine

Nakajima: Here it is

Chinen: “How long are you going to sleep? If you don’t wake up in 5 seconds, I won’t buy you that HS.. HSJ’s CD. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… See, I knew you could do it! Now, come and eat”

Nakajima: It was that long?

Chinen: It was too long! We used to much echo that this radio program lost its merit

Nakajima: It sounds cool because we use echo on things once in a while but I guess this is okay too. Let’s just say that we got to use it this much for the first time in a while. That was a good one, I’m kind of happy that she used us as some sort of trap

Chinen: It was good

Nakajima: That “I won’t buy you that HSJ’s CD”

Chinen: We have a concert coming up so maybe she could say “I won’t buy you that ticket”

Nakajima: Yeah

Chinen: That’s good one

Nakajima: It was great

Chinen: I’ll go next

Nakajima: Go ahead

Chinen: Radioname Marilyn

Nakajima: It’s not Marilyn Monroe

Chinen: Nope, didn’t go far to Monroe, I tried but I didn’t.

Nakajima: You didn’t

Chinen: “Good evening HS7”

Nakajima: Good evening

Chinen: “I am 1st year middle school student who loves Yuto kun and Ryosuke kun” and this is where I stop

Nakajima: I knew you were going to do that!

Chinen: Oh.. hahaha

Nakajima: I knew it when you said “Yuto kun’s fan” part

Chinen: Okay okay

Nakajima: Sorry

Chinen: “A phrase I want you to say is #$*&#)% I want you to say it like a kindergartener”

Nakajima: Like a kindergartener?

Chinen: Yes

Nakajima: “I want to play with the boo-boo [car]”

Chinen: That turned out a little creepy

Nakajima: It was creepy

Chinen: But it was still cute

Nakajima: a 15 year old said “boo-boo”

Chinen: “I want to play with the boo-boo”

Nakajima: It’s a car, a car!

Chinen: Like a…

Nakajima: Boo-boo boo boo bo-boo boo Well, that was fun!

Chinen: Feels like my eyes gone blank

Nakajima: “I want to play with the boo-boo” Wow, that’s really cute

Chinen: Well, that was a …

Nakajima: It was cute of Marilyn san to request this

Chinen: Very cute

Nakajima: Cute

Chinen: Cute. Let’s go next

Nakajima: Shall we go next?

Chinen: Yes!

Nakajima: Here we go then, for Chinen

Chinen: Let’s do this!

Nakajima: Radioname Mika-chi

Chinen: Oh, Mika-Chi

Nakajima: Please say this like a teacher

Chinen: Okay

Nakajima: Chinen, you got the longs ones today

Chinen: It’s so long we already used up our merits though

Nakajima: Echo merit?

Chinen: We are going to put the echo on using my own money

Nakajima: Your pocket money?

Chinen: Please say this like a teacher, okay here it is

Nakajima: Please do

Chinen: “This is ganna be on the test! Instead, from here to here won’t be on the test!!”

Nakajima: Woah, I don’t get it. I’m not sure if the teacher is being nice or … AH! Rawr, what is this!? Oh I know, I think the teacher just want to say “it’s going to be on the test” … I don’t know

Chinen: I don’t think I was able to become a teacher so let’s go next

Nakajima: Should we go next? Oh well that was fun anyway

Chinen: Here it is, penname Yama-Chii pair

Nakajima: Oh Yama-Chii pair, must be Chinen’s fan

Chinen: “Good evening HS7”

Nakajima: Good evening

Chinen: “I am 13 years old currently in 2nd year middle school student. The phrase I want you to say is … the phrase I want you to say is #$)(#%)#($& Please say this in a wild way”

Nakajima: Wild way?

Chinen: Wild

Nakajima: Wild? RAWR “This is on me today… FUU~” That was so cool even the fuu was echoed!

Chinen: That was so cool. Did you hear that? Let’s go eat now!

Nakajima: Hey! Wait, wait a minute!

Chinen: Shall we go there? Let’s go there

Nakajima: STOP STOP

Chinen: Let’s just go there, let’s go there he said on me

Nakajima: STOP STOP, wait a minute. I did say this… I’m going to stand up now but, I’m going to stand up out of my seat but I don’t have any. Nope nope.

Chinen: You don’t?

Nakajima: No

Chinen: But I don’t have any money, I used up all my money on the echo

Nakajima: Oh yeah but I’m a little tight on money this week because I used some already

Chinen: Oh

Nakajima: That “please look here cherry” used up my money so …

Chinen: Oh yeah, well this person’s will end here

Nakajima: That was fun

Chinen: That was fun

Nakajima: Very fun

Chinen: Please jyon-jyon [keep] sending phrases you want us to say!

Nakajima: Yup, jyon-jyon!

Chinen: This was HEY!SAY!WORDS’s corner

Nakajima: Please listen to a song for now it’s HSJ’s

Naka-Chii: Too Shy


Nakajima: It’s already time for us to go!

Chinen: My wallet have gone empty today

Nakajima: Me too, really. Really if I treat you today, I won’t have anything left. We are waiting for your mails

Chinen: The address is…

Nakajima: I didn’t know that. From phrases that we might say to phrases that we would never say, please keep, keep sending us more! This was HS7’s Yuto Nakajima and

Chinen: Yuri Chii

Nakajima: See you

Naka-Chii: Tomorrow!

Miyaaa: Yamchiness♥tumblingrabbit on December 21st, 2008 05:33 am (UTC)
Chinen: “I am 1st year middle school student who loves Yuto kun and Ryosuke kun” and this is where I stop

Nakajima: I knew you were going to do that!

Chinen: Oh.. hahaha

asdkjh As long Ryosuke is involve..CHINEN why so adorable.. x3

boo-boo~ :)) Whats?!
rurusuza_xoxorurusuza_xoxo on December 21st, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
Nakajima: That “please look here cherry” used up my money so …

hahahaha, kochi muite yo cherry~ XD
do they have to pay for the echoes? O.O
tokyo_freak: HSJtokyo_freak on December 21st, 2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
:)) lol hahahaha this pair is so funny :)) chinen is so adroable ^^

arigatou for sharing :)
♪ Kuro-chan ♪daijoubuu on December 21st, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, so adorable. :3 I love the pair.
Chinen and Yuto are EPIC WIN. <3 They're both so funny. ♥

Thaaaanks for translating! :D
山☂知: [hsj] OTP ♥ juicy lolwtfbaliwnababae on December 21st, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
Chinen: “I am 1st year middle school student who loves Yuto kun and Ryosuke kun” and this is where I stop


aksdgj a Yamachi fan wrote to them. ;w; ♥ JAPAN IS RECOGNIZING MY OTP. *shot*