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19 December 2008 @ 10:28 pm
{radio} K8 Yokoyama x Murakami (Nakajima x Chinen)  

Kanjani∞ Recomen (OA December 11th 2008) 2nd
Yokoyama Yu x Murakami Shingo ft Nakajima Yuto x Chinen Yuri

Nakajima and Chinen appeared in the second message on Kanjani's recomen
This time Nakajima and Chinen answered Yokoyama and Murakami's questions


Kanjani∞’s Yokoyama Yu and Murakami Shingo’s Recomen

Murakami: Well, Yokoyama san

Yokoyama: Yes?

Murakami: We’ve received a message from HSJ, there was one around 11 o’clock and that was from Yamada kun and Chinen kun. Let’s listen to who’ll the members be this time, here they are


Nakajima: Kanjani∞’s Yokoyama kun & Murakami kun’s recomen, everyone in the country and brother Yokoyama and brother Murakami, once again, Konban-one-two! This is HS7’s Nakajima Yuto

Chinen: Konban-one-two! This is Chinen Yuri

Nakajima: It is

Chinen: In the comment before, we had you answer to our questions. This time we’d like to solve Yokoyama kun and Murakami kun’s problems

Nakajima: From what I heard, they want to be admired by the juniors.

Chinen: I asked the staffs and they said they [Yokoyama and Murakami] are wondering why their names doesn’t come up in the question “who’s your most admired sempai” on the magazine

Nakajima: What the heck are you saying!? I admire them! Yokoyama kun have this funny personality, I like that about him. Also, I love Murakami kun’s beard. Eh? I just heard that brother Murakami is rich? Since we have been speaking so highly about them…

Chinen: I want to go eat…

Nakajima: Yeah, I want to go eat. Gosh, I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since this morning

Chinen: Yes, we haven’t eaten anything. You guys are awesome sempais to us. Please treat us someday.

Nakajima: Please! Wow

Chinen: I can’t talk in Kansai dialect!

Nakajima: Kansai dialect is hard. I wish they could teach us some someday

Chinen: Yes. We had a script just in case but we really do have so many things we admire about Yokoyama kun and Murakami kun!!

Nakajima: Really, there’s so many!

Chinen: They’ve been doing live radio show since they were 20 and it’s 9 months and 6 years now.

Nakajima: Yes. That’s amazing

Chinen: It is, and that means we have to continue that long too

Nakajima: I hope we could. When I was able to appear in their concert their MC was really funny.

Chinen: Hilarious

Nakajima: It is hilarious!

Chinen: Hilarious!

Nakajima: Even so when we all gathered by the radio to listen to them. They truly are funny.

Chinen: There are many juniors who admire them though.

Nakajima: Who else admire them other than us?

Chinen: Hmm… Umm…

Nakajima: Um…

Chinen: There is!

Nakajima: Of course there is!

Chinen: There is!

Nakajima: Of course.

Chinen: Umm… Him and

Nakajima: Him and…

Chinen: That kid and

Nakajima: That kid and

Chinen: Those kids and

Nakajima: Those kids and the kid over there and…

Chinen: and… also..

Nakajima: Also…

Chinen: Also…

Nakajima: And…

Chinen: That boy and… Yeah!

Nakajima: Yeah!

Chinen: But really, there is!

Nakajima: There is!

Chinen: There is!

Nakajima: There is!! We’re sorry. There is!

Chinen: I’m just bad at remembering names…

Nakajima: Yeah, I’m bad at that too. I’m just not good at memorizing things. I’m sorry!

Chinen: There really are many juniors! Brother Yokoyama and brother Murakami, we’ll be following your footsteps so please keep taking care of your junior, HS7!

Nakajima: This was HS7’s Nakajima Yuto and

Chinen: Chinen Yuri!

Nakajima: Bye-Bye

Naka-Chii: Hona sainara!


Murakami: Is what they said…

Yokoyama: We’ve finally been made fun from our own juniors

Murakami: Yes, the time has come

Yokoyama: I guess we’ve finally came this low

Murakami: They got us

Yokoyama: We fall as far as we could fall

Murakami: That was so soon

Yokoyama: What the heck are they doing making fun of us in front the whole country and on such an important day like today! It’s a day when we get most listeners.

Murakami: Yes it is

Yokoyama: It’s when we give out many prizes and have different artists on air. How could they behave so shamefully in public?

Murakami: This isn’t funny

Yokoyama: They made fun of us that much

Murakami: I guess it ended as we getting made fun of a little

Yokoyama: Yeah

Murakami: That surprised me

Yokoyama: They said that they liked your beard

Murakami: Maybe I should shave my beard

Yokoyama: This is so sad

Murakami: So… who wrote that? There was a script, right?

Yokoyama: Right?

Murakami: Since they did talk in kansai dialect… Gaya san?

Yokoyama: Gaya san? But they were really cute

Murakami: Very cute

Yokoyam: And so pure

Murakami: Right?

Yokoyama: Not like Matsujun

Murakami: I think they are on to us

Yokoyama: Maybe they are Hasejun

Murakami: The junior

Yokoyama: I forgot about how I talked before

Murakami: You sounded more serious

Yokoyama: Totally forgot about it but they really are good kids

Murakami: Right?

Yokoyama: They are doing, what was it? Scrap Teacher

Murakami: Saw it

Yokoyama: Saturday at nine with Nakajima Yuto kun, Chinen kun and umm… Yamada kun and… Arioka Taiki kun

Murakami: Yes

Yokoyama: He’s called “Daiki-man”

Murakami: It’s “Daikin-man” I could never forget about “Daiki-man”

Yokoyama: A kid who’s called “Daiki-man” appears in it

Murakami: Yes

Yokoyama: Kamiji kun appears in it as well

Murakami: Oh yeah

Yokoyama: He does so please watch them on Saturday at nine. I think we’re great semapis! We’ve been

Murakami: Made fun of this much

Yokoyama: Yeah

Murakami: But we still advertize our juniors’ drama

Yokoyama: True! Without getting sad, without saying crap, giving our own bento to the staffs and why! Why!

Murakami: Please restrict yourself with the whys

Yokoyama: Really…

Murakami: Right?

Yokoyama: But please watch them

Murakami: Let’s go to a mail

Yokoyama: Okay

Murakami: This is from Saitama-ken Ayaya. “Konban-one-two”

Yokoyama: Konban-one-two

Murakami: “I heard Yaotome Hikaru saying he likes to eat garlic foods and drink raw eggs like Hina chan” I don’t really eat garlic that much

Yokoyama: Hmmm

Murakami: Just lately and did I ever say I drink raw eggs? Where did this information come from?

Yokoyama: But HSJ is really popular now, right?

Murakami: They are and their CDs are really selling too

Yokoyama: Can you say all their names?

Murakami: Can I say all their names? Hmm…

Yokoyama: Say them

Murakami: Well the mentioned 4, Yuto, Chinen kun and …

Yokoyama: If you don’t say them, you’ll be in a big trouble. Seriously

Murakami: And Arioka kun, Yabu, Yaotome

Yokoyama: Can you say their first name?

Murakami: Yabu Kota, Yaotome Hikaru,

Yokoyama: Louder

Murakami: Morimoto Ryutaro, and umm… him, Okamoto Keito

Yokoyama: Otokogumi’s son

Murakami: Yeah and Inoo Kei

Yokoyama: Inoo Kei

Murakami: See I can

Yokoyama: There’s one more

Murakami: No I said all 10

Yokoyama: No you didn’t, there’s one more!

Murakami: What? I said Yamada kun… I said

Yokoyama: No you haven’t! There’s really one more person

Murakami: Who is it? Eh?

Yokoyama: I know who

Murakami: Arioka Daiki-man, right?

Yokoyama: You’re the worst

Murakami: Isn’t there two Daiki-man?

Yokoyama: What the heck would happen if there was two Daiki-man? That’d be really messy

Murakami: Who else? Wait a minute

Yokoyama: Can I say it?

Murakami: No, not yet

Yokoyama: I wanna say it

Murakami: You… You always want to say the answer when you know it so don’t

Yokoyama: Takaki kun

Murakami: I said don’t! Oh… oh yeah. We said it before

Yokoyama: We did, it’s Takaki Yuya kun

Murakami: Yes it is, Takaki kun

Yokoyama: Takaki kun and that’s the 10

Murakami: Indeed

Yokoyama: HSJ doing a radio and they’re really amazing

Murakami: Yeah

Yokoyama: Really amazing, I could feel their energy.

Murakami: Really

Yokoyama: They’re doing that game thing right now

Murakami: Yeah, the game

Yokoyama: I like games more than them for sure, you know the game that three are doing? Who was it? Yabu kun, Yaotome … no Yabu isn’t in it. It’s Yaotome, Takaki kun, and Inoo kun. That game on Wii

Murakami: Wii

Yokoyama: I like games more than them for sure! For sure.

Murakami: You can’t just like games to be on a commercial

Yokoyama: I’m just trying to make them look good

Murakami: I think it’s obvious

Yokoyama: Feels that way but

Murakami: Shall we go for another? From Gunma-ken Misato “This might sound odd but I think a common point you share are the angelic fair skin and double tooth. Angelic fair skin is Yokoyama kun and Chinen kun. Double tooth is Yaotome kun and Hina chan. I think those are [HSJ and kanjani∞]common points. What do you think?”

Yokoyama: Yaotome kun has double tooth too

Murakami: He does have double tooth

Yokoyama: Aren’t you going to fix your double tooth though?

Murakami: Nope

Yokoyama: Why?

Murakami: Why?

Yokoyama: They told you, you can’t right?

Murakami: Yeah, I can’t

Yokoyama: Why?

Murakami: My teeth alignment is …

Yokoyama: You don’t have to do that while you’re talking, you can just talk normally. People can’t tell over the radio

Murakami: I want to show you

Yokoyama: Why do you have to talk with your double tooth out like this? You’ll sound like this, just talk normally. People listening to us won’t understand a thing

Murakami: Really?

Yokoyama: Just talk normally

Murakami: This is the perfect balance for me

Yokoyama: The human being called Murakami Shingo is

Murakami: Yeah. Where my teeth are caved is fits perfectly with the other caved in part. Since it’s not crooked

Yokoyama: They are crooked

Murakami: No, the crooked point fits with the top and the bottom

Yokoyama: So it’s the perfect match

Murakami: Yeah with the center part I can get a perfect balance and if I change this…

[the radio stoped here T_T]

yamana57yamana57 on December 20th, 2008 05:13 am (UTC)
Haha! Thank you! Its funny!
osakaaa on December 20th, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
I was always wondering about Hina's teeth xD Thank You!
Carmencookierulez on December 20th, 2008 08:35 am (UTC)
=) thanks for the trans!!
"Yokoyama: We’ve finally been made fun from our own juniors"
hahaha, well, that's expected, isn't it? XD;
I want to be picked up by you.: 『reita』 cool smilekiitchenbearr on December 20th, 2008 08:55 am (UTC)
Arigachuu~ ♥ :D They're so cute & funny XD Lol
silverxrainsilverxrainx on December 20th, 2008 01:33 pm (UTC)
LOL Chinen and Yuto are so mean! They just make it worse by saying that lmao. So cute.
Thanks for the translation once again =D
山☂知: [best] laughing at 7baliwnababae on December 20th, 2008 07:50 pm (UTC)
AHAHAHA XD epic! ♥
 ⋆ღ♥ஐℛ  アキみつる  ℛ ஐ♥ღ⋆: yoko sugoiakimitsuru on December 21st, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
tis is so funnie ~~!
chinen is really cute~ this and that ... hahaha~ he and yuto really made fun of k8 to the fullness~
Miyaaa: Yuuri ♥tumblingrabbit on December 21st, 2008 05:39 am (UTC)
lol :)) they forgot Daiki.. xD

lafro_asia on December 22nd, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
really funny!!!
honto ni arigatou!