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12 December 2008 @ 07:09 pm
{radio} HS7 Yamada x Chinen  

53rd Radio Show (OA December 10th 2008)
Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
Japan's Youngest Problem Solver

HS7 UltraPower

Yamada: Good evening! This is HS7’s Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: Good evening! This is Jackie Chan!

Yamada: No, you’re Chinen Yuri

Chinen: Did you hear that?

Yamada: Eh, what?

Chinen: I said “Jackie Chinen”

Yamada: Oh I see. Sorry, I asked you too much.

Chinen: I said it too fast so it sounded like Jackie Chin…

Yamada: Let’s do this again. Good evening! This is HS7’s Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: Good evening! This is Jackie Chan

Yamada: No, you’re saying Jackie Chan

Chinen: No I didn’t

Yamada: I would like you to say it more clearly

Chinen: I didn’t say that though

Yamada: Hey, I get this “I’m Jackie Chinen” thing but I don’t understand that “Jackie Chan” part

Chinen: It’s fine

Yamada: Hmm… fine

Chinen: Can’t you overlook things for now? If you listen in slow, you can clearly hear “Jackie Chinen”

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: Well well well. I’ve provided a mini-information today

Yamada: Ooh

Chinen: There’s nothing written today

Yamada: Oh, there isn’t?

CHinen: Today is…

Yamada: There’s nothing written ever

Chinen: December 10th is a day for Nobel Prize Ceremony

Yamada: I see

Chinen: Isn’t that amazing?

Yamada: A ceremony?

Chinen: A day that have the ceremony

Yamada: I see

Chinen: I searched a little about that today

Yamada: That’s amazing, I knew you could do it

Chinen: I just happened to see this like “oh this is the day of the radio”

Yamada: What did you happened to see?

Chinen: On the laptop, laptop

Yamada: Laptop? On a sheet of paper called “laptop”?

Chinen: No no no no. I went and searched for this on the paper

Yamada: So you went and got this, I see

Chinen: Yeah. Ah… hm? There’s something written next

Yamada: Hm? What’s written there? There’s something written more to this?

Chinen: Hmmm…. Have you ever gotten a ____ prize in your life?

Yamada: Oh I have

Chinen: You have?

Yamada: When I was doing soccer, I was quite… you know, I guess…. I had two teams. No, not that I owned it… no not a team that I owned but

Chinen: That you were in

Yamada: That I was in

Chinen: You were in two different teams

Yamada: Yeah, exactly and I got trophies and medals for one of the team

Chinen: Oh~

Yamada: And what was it? For pictures? I was like “I can surpass Picasso!” [school kakumei]

Chinen: Well, you’ve certainly passed Picasso

Yamada: oh

Chinen: By the size of the dimension

Yamada: Yeah, sorry. It’s true, only I can give that unique touch

Chinen: You’re laughing at your own self

Yamada: Yeah, and…. Shut up! Als, also I’ve gotten a certain honor award too

Chinen: Amazing

Yamada: I’ve got quite a lot, you see

Chinen: You’re quite amazing

Yamada: Ooh, what about Chinen?

Chinen: I’ve gotten ‘work harder’ award many times

Yamada: ‘work harder’ award

Chinen: Yeah, I’ve received many ‘work harder’ award

Yamada: That’s a good one

Chinen: No no, not good one. My teachers wrote ‘work harder’

※Chinen was making a pun [?] 賞//Sho// Awards 頑張りましょう//gannbarimasho// work harder

Yamada: It says ‘work harder’?! I guess you’re hopeless now

Chinen: It’s awful

Yamada: It is. Hey, let’s start

Chinen: Let’s start. Hey!

Yamada: Say!

Chinen: SEVEN

Yamada: UltraPower

Chinen: ~wer!


Yamada: It’s that corner where we bring it to you in a serious mode

Chinen: Please think about with us while you listen


Japan’s youngest problem solver

Chinen: Problem solving is usually done by a person with full of rich experiences in life but young people like us, would like to answer as much as we can

Yamada: We shall answer

Chinen: we would like to answer them

Yamada: Let’s start reading off the problems we received for today. Umm, penname

Chinen: Wait

Yamada: What’s wrong?

Chinen: Umm, please don’t expect much from us

Yamada: Ah, yes because we are still young

Chinen: We’ve always ended this in strangely so…

Yamada: Yup

Yama-Chii: Don’t expect a lot from us

Yamada: Well, let’s go on. From penname Yuna san “Eh, good evening. I always enjoy listening to your radio. To the two from HS7, please listen to my problem. Like Ryosuke kun, I love animals. I especially love dogs that I sometimes go hug the Chihuahuas or toy poodles at the pet shop.  Out of all the dogs, I like the tea cup poodles the most and I’ve been thinking about having it as my pet. When I asked my mom, she told me she’ll thinking about it if all the family member said yes. So, I asked my brothers. I got approval from my brothers but there’s only one person who was opposed. This person is my dad. My dad hates animals and he hated it when I had a hamster before. He’d never approve since it’s dealing with a dog this time. But I really want to have a teacup poodle. Please think of a way to get an OK from my dad with me. Please.” Is what she said

Chinen: Okay

Yamada: Teacup poodles are really cute

Chinen: Really

Yamada: Really cute

Chinen: But, I understand. The dad’s feeling

Yamada: You too

Chinen: I hate animals

Yamada: I know

Chinen: But… my parent, my mom hates animals too

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: But, the reason why I find this dog cute lately is because we’ve recently got and the dog is still small

Yamada: Hmmm

Chinen: That’s when I got the hint

Yamada: Of love, right?

Chinen: When you get it from that moment, I heard you can go for it

Yamada: Exactly. I got rejected of getting a dog first

Chinen: Really?

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: But, isn’t your house a zoo?

Yamada: Yeah, my house is like a zoo right now but yeah, the dog was rejected once

Chinen: I see. Why is that?

Yamada: They said no

Chinen: Hmm

Yamada: I don’t know why but it was a no but with force… Every one of my sisters approved but since, my parents opposed to it. I think the best way is to just keep asking. Tell them you truly love it and umm… it is a teacup toy poodle after all. They’re really cute like Chinen

Chinen: The teacup poodles!?

Yamada: Don’t ignore it. I just said something good about you

Chinen: Thank you. I’m cute

Yamada: Yeah, you’re cute

Chinen: Thank  you

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: Ryosuke is cute too

Yamada: So, about the teacup poodle…. Say something! I just ignored that

Chinen: Oh, you ignored it?

Yamada: Yeah, but oh well. Back to the teacup poodle, well, this might not be solved but I think it’s important to tell him how much you love the dog.

Chinen: You’re dad will understand! He is your dad after all

Yamada: Yup

Chinen: He knows you the best

Yamada: Yup, that’s about it

Chinen: We might not have been a good help but umm, if anyone wants us to listen to their problem, please send us a mail or a letter. That was Japan’s youngest problem solver!

Yamada: Please listen to a song for now. It’s HSJ’s

Yama-Chi: Deep Night Kimi Omou


Yamada: It’s already time for us to go

Chinen: We are waiting for your mails

Yamada: The address is…

Chinen: I think we’d be able to answer it more clearly if you wrote your problem specifically so please write in details. Please and thank you. This was HS7’s Chinen Yuri

Yamada: and Yamada Ryosuke

Yama-Chii: See you tomorrow!

Mokona_Modokishadow_mokona on December 13th, 2008 12:18 am (UTC)
Awww, now that was cute!!! I liked how they kept going back and forth saying each other is cute =p *manju goes kyyaaaa*
marchymarchymarchy.marchechizen on December 13th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
These two, so adorable. :D

silverxrainsilverxrainx on December 13th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
Isn't this December 10th's episode not 11th?
Thank you so much for translating! ^_^
誰だろう?!: YamaChiismalltownsburns on December 13th, 2008 05:05 am (UTC)
Why, yest it is :D
Thanks for pointing that out!

Oh and you're welcome =]
fandom clashtweetyyyy on December 13th, 2008 08:07 am (UTC)
Jackie Chinen!
thanks for translating!
Carmencookierulez on December 13th, 2008 09:35 am (UTC)
i flailed throughout the whole thing, but mostly the part where they went "you're cute.", "you're cute too!" ^w^

thanks for the trans~~
山☂知: [xxxHOLiC] shybaliwnababae on December 13th, 2008 01:21 pm (UTC)
Yamada: Don’t ignore it. I just said something good about you

Ahahaha. |D aksdgkj they're still so amazing together. Thanks so much! I always look forward to your translations ahaha ;;;
Miyaaa: Yamada and Chinentumblingrabbit on December 13th, 2008 03:03 pm (UTC)
Yamada: Yeah, you’re cute

Chinen: Thank you

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: Ryosuke is cute too

ahsdgf too adorable.. a-and ftw... jackie chan LOL..
リヤン ♥mrsbutaaa on December 13th, 2008 04:56 pm (UTC)
.. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING?? LOL. since when laptop became a sheet of paper?! hahaha. xD *runs very far away from that kid*

thanks for translatin btw! :]
lkyannlkyann on December 15th, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
I must admit because of this radio show, I have come to love Chinen more and more! Thanks for the translations! Jackie Chinen... LMAO