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02 December 2008 @ 09:00 pm
{radio} HS7 Nakajima x Chinen  
46th (OA December 1st 2008) 
Nakajima Yuto x Chinen Yuri

HS7 UltraPower


Chinen: Good evening, this is HS7’s Chinen Yuri

Nakajima: Good evening, this is Nakajima Yuto!

Chinen: Well, we’d like to make this show enjoyable this week but

Nakajima: What? Oh!

Chinen: Sleepiness is getting to me right now

Nakajima: Are you okay?

Chinen: Ummm, tell me a funny joke to wake me up Nakajima kun

Nakajima: You’re the worst. Is this some kind of impossible move!? EEh! No, it’s not going to happen. Wake up! You. Hey!

Chinen: I guess you don’t care if this show won’t be enjoyable

Nakajima: I want to make it enjoyable. Enjoya….

Chinen: Then, a funny joke please

Nakajima: God dammit! You…. Then, umm….. I don’t have anything!

Chinen: Moving on

Nakajima: Isn’t this the first with this two?

Chinen: I guess it’s nice to meet you

Nakajima: It is nice to meet you

Chinen: Nice to meet you

Nakajima: Nice to meet you.

Chinen: Nice to meet you. Ni..nice to meet you

Nakajima: Nice to meet you

Chinen: I’m Chinen, please to meet you.

Nakajima: Please to meet you. Umm, I’m Nakajima Yuto. I guess we’re already into December

Chinen: Yup

Nakajima: So fast. Ah! That reminds me, this is a bit late but congratulation on recomender’s Ktaro san’s wedding!

Chinen: Contras!

Nakajima: YAY.

Chinen: Well, since Ktaro san got married. Today’s theme is Nakajima and Chinen’s marriage meeting

Nakajima: No way. No way

Chinen: It won’t happen?

Nakajima: Just kidding. It’d never happen!

Chinen: Never?

Nakajima: Will never happen

Chinen: Okay then

Nakajima: This is ending pretty weird

Chinen: Weird

Nakajima: Yeah. Well, if you think about December… what, what would it be?

Chinen: December have to be that

Nakajima: What?

Chinen: We had a new years eve live.

Nakajima: Oh. Oh yeah. The other day, eh, we went to see it this year

Chinen: Yeah. Too bad we couldn’t go on

Nakajima: Yeah and if you think about it, all 10 members of JUMP can appear together would be when Ryutaro turns, is he 13 now?

Chinen: 13, it’d take 6 more years

Nakajima: 13. 6 years

Chinen: It’d take 5 to 6 years

Nakajima: When we can appear with everyone?

Chinen: Yeah

Nakajima: Isn’t that unbelievable?

Chinen: It is

Nakajima: BEST will go on first when 7 is still kids-like

Chinen: It’d be like we get to appear when they’ve forgotten about us

Nakajima: No, I don’t want them to forget about us

Chinen: Then, please don’t forget

Nakajima: Please don’t forget

Chinen: about us

Nakajima: Don’t forget. Okay

Chinen: Let’s stop about December talks for now

Nakajima: Okay

Chinen: Let’s start!

Nakajima: Rodger that

Chinen: Hey!

Nakajima: Say!

Chinen: SEVEN!

Naka-Chii: UltraPower


Chinen: Today will be that corner where we answer to your letters

Nakajima: We’ll talk a lot today so please enjoy until the end



Nakajima: Yay! This corner is where we have you send us various topics, such as an interesting happening in your daily life, a simple question, or a special trivial you know.

Chinen: Well well well. I’d like to introduce the first letter

Nakajima: Okay

Chinen: Okay, let’s start reading then

Nakajima: Please read

Chinen: Hey!Say!LETTER

Nakajima: Hey!Say!LETTER, like I said before. Please read

Chinen: I’ll start then, don’t worry

Nakajima: I’m won’t, just read

Chinen: Okay. From Saitama-ken penname I love JUMP-kid san

Nakajima: Thank you

Chinen: “Tonight, I…” hm?

Nakajima: It’s okay it’s okay

Chinen: I was just putting a joke in there

Nakajima: Yup yup

Chinen: I’m into joking lately

Chinen: “Good evening! I’d like to re-make my shoes but I’m not sure what kind of design I should do. What kind of designs would HS7 do, if you were to re-make shoes? Please tell me”

Nakajima: Re-making shoes

Chinen: Hmm….

Nakajima: I umm… I’ve done it once on the magazine

Chinen: I know, I’ve seen it before

Nakajima: On Myojo

Chinen: Yeah

Nakajima: I was able to do an re-make of an shoes and it’s really fun

Chinen: It’s fun?

Nakajima: It’s fun. Ideas keep coming up in your head, like what to do and what not. But, it’s a thing you do as you please so if you do too much, you won’t be able to wear them

Chinen: Oh, if they get too flashy, it’d be embarrassing to wear

Nakajima: I even wrote Hey!Say!JUMP on mine

Chinen: EEHH!?

Nakajima: On the right or whichever, I wrote Hey!Say! and JUMP on the other, but I wrote really sloppy in black pen so it’s not too noticeable

Chinen: Did you wear it?

Nakajima: Yeah like sloppily

Chinen: Sloppily… did you wear it?

Nakajima: I wore it, I wore it

Chinen: Did you wear them?

Nakajima: I wore them. I wore them to the drama shooting

Chinen: Really? You’re brave. Well, I don’t really like things with many stuff on it. Strangely, I like all black

Nakajima: Maybe you should have something as a point, point

Chinen: I like all black ones more so I like simple things

Nakajima: Perhaps, you could simply put on or change something on it!

Chinen: Well, let’s go to the next one!

Nakajima: Okay. From Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi radio name Hoshi no Jikan [star time] san

Chinen: Star time san!

Nakajima: From start time san, Hoshi no Jikan san

Chinen: Then let’s have “Star Time” as our music for today

Nakajima: Oh, really!?

Chinen: Yup

Nakajima: Then, let’s play that later

Chinen: Okay

Nakajima: “Good evening, HS7! Lately I have been (actually right before my summer break) debating about a certain thing with few of my friends. That is, whether you put natto [fermented beans] over the rice and eat it or not” What? “but, I am not over the rice” is what she said

Chinen: She’s wrong

Nakajima: You don’t put them on?

Chinen: How would you eat them if you don’t?

Nakajima: What?

Chinen: It’s too much of a hassle

Nakajima: Just as it is?

Chinen: Isn’t it a hassle?

Nakajima: EEh!?.... Why?

Chinen: Wait, wait a minute. What do you mean by that? Do you eat natto by itself?

Nakajima: Wait. “People might think it’s an stupid thing to debate over whether you put them on the rice or not but, this is an important thing to me and few of my friends. This started when I said…” gosh!

Chinen: Eh, wait a minute. Wait wait wait. I don’t understand. Hey, let’s think about, if it means you put the natto on the rice or you eat natto then the rice or just eat it without rice and natto itself.

Nakajima: Ok! Which is it?

Chinen: There is for this answer so I’ll just pick

Nakajima: Yeah, just pick

Chinen: Let’s say to eat by put on the rice

Nakajima: Ok

Chinen: But, it’s just that

Nakajima: It just means whether we put them or not

Chinen: Yeah…

Nakajima: Eh? I usually put them on but, you do eat other things instead of natto. What about you?

Chinen: I usually put them on

Nakajima: That’s what I though

Chinen: Hmm…

Nakajima: Aren’t natto usually eaten by put them [on the rice] ?

Chinen: That’s normal

Nakajima: Yeah

Chinen: Even Mito Koumon san said that

Nakajima: Is that so?

Chinen: Yeah yeah

Nakajima: When did you hear that?

Chinen: Yesterday, yesterday

Nakajima: Yesterday!?

Chinen: I saw him yesterday

Nakajima: Where, where?

Chinen: Eh? Under the Arch of Triumph. I went to France yesterday

Nakajima: Really?

Chinen: Yup yup yup. I was singing “じ~んせい♪/L~ife♪” like this [Theme song of Mito Koumon the drama series. Very famous song called "ああ人生に涙あり/ Tears are part of life (?)" ]

Nakajima: You were standing there

Chinen: Yeah yeah. This is just my imagination though

Nakajima: That’s amazing

Chinen: Sorry about that

Nakajima: Wow, that’s incredible!

Chinen: That was a lot of

Nakajima: Quite a lot of

Chinen: Interesting

Nakajima: interesting questions

Chinen: Thank you so much for them

Nakajima: Thank you so much

Chinen: Please keep sending us a question for us or interesting happening in your daily life. That was H!S!LETTER corner. 

Nakajima: Please listen to a song for now. It’s HSJ’s Star Time!

Chinen: Hoshi no Jikan


Chinen: It’s already time for us to go

Nakajima: Yeah, time for us to go

Chinen: We had an interesting talk about natto today

Nakajima: Right? Natto is sticky

Chinen: Even Mito Koumon sama was brought up today

Nakajima: Mito Koumon san, it’s Mitokoumon san

Chinen: We have to think more

Nakajima: Yeah

Chinen: We are waiting for your mails, for this show

Nakajima: The address is ….

Chinen: Please don’t forget to write the name of the corner if you are sending us a letter or a mail 

Nakajima: Please do

Chinen: This was HS7’s Chinen Yuri and

Nakajima: Nakaijma Yuto

Chinen: See you again tomorrow

Nakajima: See you again tomorrow

marchymarchymarchy.marchechizen on December 3rd, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
Chinen and Yuto. WHY SO CUTE.

Thanks for translating.
山☂知: [hsj] away from delusional fanbratsbaliwnababae on December 3rd, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
Chinen: Eh? Under the Arch of Triumph. I went to France yesterday

lolwtf. XD
hanamamihanamami on December 3rd, 2008 05:46 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for the translation...!!
Do you have any ideas where can i listen to this ??
prizm0401k-san account in youtube seems to be close?
Thank you!! :]
Miyaaa: Yuuri Chinen♥tumblingrabbit on December 3rd, 2008 02:25 pm (UTC)

Chinen: Ummm, tell me a funny joke to wake me up Nakajima kun

Demanding kid.. ftw.. x3

sankyuu~ :3
just_wish09 on December 5th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
thank for the translation!...
lkyannlkyann on December 9th, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
Chinen and Yuto! <3 Thanks for translating!:D