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25 November 2008 @ 05:14 pm
{radio} HS7 Yamada x Chinen  

42nd (OA November 25th 2008)
Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri

Chinen: Hey!

Yamada: Say!

Chinen: SEVEN!

Yama-Chii: UltraPower!


Chinen: Good~Evening~ ♪This is HS7’s Chinen Yuri

Yamada: Good~ Evening~♪This is Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: Okay. I’ll tell you another mini-information

Yamada: What are the mini-information!? Where are you getting these information from!?

Chinen: It’s written her…. Oh, it’s not here. It’s not written here

Yamada: It’s not written, it’s not written

Chinen: November is over this week and month from now, it’d be Christmas

Yamada: Christmas!? It’s winter now

Chinen: Christmas…

Yamada: It’s great. Snow!

Chinen: But November is over this week

Yamada: yup

Chinen: My birthday is on the 30th

Yamada: Oh really?

Chinen: Woah

Yamada: Really?

Chinen: Yup

Yamada: Congrats! Let’s celebrate for him together!   …. Hey!

Chinen: I heard it, I heard it!

Yamada: See?

Chinen: I heard “happy birthday to you”

Yamada: You did hear them

Chinen: I was really happy just now

Yamada: Isn’t it incredible?

Chinen: Well, it’s in 5 more days

Yamada: Yup

Chinen: Yeah. Christmas is what we are trying to talk about right now.

Yamada: yeah

Chinen: Well, next month this day will be Christmas.  What do you eat on Christmas?

Yamada: What do I eat? Well, we don’t have any custom that we’d eat certain thing just because it’s Christmas

Chinen: I see

Yamada: But we do eat cake

Chinen: So you do eat cake

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: “ケーキが良くなるようにと”

Yamada: Well put! One cushion for him! Hey, Yamada kun~!!

※This is from “Sho-ten/笑点” show where regulars makes puns  and the host decided if the pun deserves a cushion or not. More information here  

Chinen: Right away!

Yamada: away~

Chinen: I was thinking we’d get this started

Yamada: okay

Chinen: I think so

Yamada: You’re thinking so?

Chinen: Yup. Hey!

Yamada: Say!

Chinen: SEVEN!

Yama-Chii: UltraPower


Yamada: This time, we’d like to present fun mails we received from everyone

Chinen: Please enjoy until the end!



Yamada: Yay. In this corner, we are waiting for word/phrase you’d like us to say. We’ll keep saying phrases that we wouldn’t normally say as HS7.

Chinen: Okay. We’ll have Ryosuke go first. This is from no radio name written san.

Yamada: Then, this will be sa- san

Chinen: wha?

Yamada: Radioname Sa san

Chinen: Okay, let’s go. Go ahead Yama chan

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: This person would like you to read this

Yamada: Sure, which one? Eh what, what language is this? Oh wait it’s Japanese. Okay I’ll say it. “Had club yesterday-ken. So tiring”

Yama-Chii: Had a club yesterday-ken

※ Ending in “ken” is a dialect

Chinen: Which ken(prefecture) is this from? Shiga-ken. Yo!Yo!

Yamada: Yo! Ogatake~n!

Chinen: Yo yo!

Yamada: That’s not good. Can’t say Ogata Ken (actor)…

Chinen: Yo yo yo! Say Yo

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: Let’s go with car today Yo!

Yamada: Yo!

Chinen: Okay!

Yamada: Ok. That’s enough. Let’s forget about the talk just right now. My face is getting red.

Chinen: How was this?

Yamada: Yest… had club-ken

Chinen: Had-ken

Yamada: I think she wanted us to say “had-ken”

Chinen: Where do you think that is?

Yamada: Eh, this? This, where is this? This is hard

Chinen: Just say something random

Yamada: Hiroshima! Hiroshima!

Chinen: Hiroshima?  I didn’t know Hiroshima (people) talked like this

Yamada: I heard they talked like this

Chinen: Then, ungirls (comedian duo) must talk like that too

Yamada: Says here “I’d like the 7’s members to talk in Hiroshima dialect” how does Hiroshima… I guess it’s something like “ken”

Chinen: Yup-ken. You see-ken. Today-ken. I did ken ken (hopping) ken

Yamada: Okay-ken? Is this Chinen-ken? Is it?

Chinen: Ryo-ken?

Yamada: I don’t think this is the right meaning of “ken”

Chinen: There was a jiken(incident) ken happen in this area-ken

Yamada: That’s not right-ken. Not right, I got I got I got. “Chinen kun, wha#)*%#... that’s not right either”

Chinen: Oh well

Yamada: I don’t understand!

Chinen: The next one wants me to do it…

Yamada: Really?

Chinen: Is there? I wish there were

Yamada: From Tokyo-to radioname Tomomi san. I want Chinen kun to say this one. Here, say this for her.

Chinen: What is this?

Yamada: I’ll be watching you

Chinen: Famous scene from land in the north

Yamada: Ah, then say it while doing the impression

Chinen: I really don’t know this one. I’ve never seen it…

Yamada: Hotaru, Hotaru (firefly)

Chinen: I’d like you to say this, okay “Ryutaro is still eating~!!”

Yamada: We don’t know this because of the generation difference. Where is that scene from?

Chinen: What? Ryutaro is still eating…

Yamada: Oh! I know! I know I know. I get this scene now. Let me see it. It’s “Ryutaro is still eating~” I know this one very well.

Chinen: I see

Yamada: I’m actually an Showa born

Chinen: Ryutaro is still eating garlic! Here, there’s an boring pun

This is a famous line by Tanaka Kunie in Kitano Kunikara. See video below for an example by Yamada/Nakajima/Morimoto


Video thanks to chococola0417 on YOUtube

Yamada: She wanted you to say that

Chinen: Maybe she was requesting that

Yamada: requesting… or maybe not

Chinen: Next is Yama chan

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: I’ll open the 2nd letter. Radioname John-manjiro. From John san, from John san. It’s from radioname John san.

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: I’d like Yama chan to say this

Yamada: What is this long phrase!? “On the left you see is our country’s pride, Mountain Fuji” it says here to say this like an bus guide

Chinen: Hai

Yamada: So far away. What country is this from?

Chinen: Mountain fuji means Fujisan. You didn’t even know that? Hey, there was someone talking down at you from far away but are you okay?

Yamada: That was you

Chinen: Eh?

Yamada: “I think bus guide’s phrases are totally unrelated to 7 and I think it’d be funny if you guys said this” this is why this person wanted us to say this. About Fuji-san

Chinen: That was Yamada Ryosuke speaking and not like a bus guide

Yamada: Not like it but that is totally unrelated

Chinen: Really unrelated

Yamada: Yeah, I don’t we’d say this

Chinen: There’s no flavor and it’s unrelated

Yamada: You’re intense today. It’s okay though

Chinen: Gosh, I was being a monster character

Yamada: Well, this is an Ok.  

Chinen: well, there was some quite many phrases that we would never say

Yamada: yeah

Chinen: But I find this amusing sometimes. Then, we’d like you to listen to a song for now.

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: HSJ’s

Yama-Chii: Dreams Come True


Chinen: It’s already time for us to go-tabe

Yamada: I agree-tabe, this is an dialect-tabe?

Chinen: We are waiting mails from everyone for this show

Yamada: The address…

Chinen: Please keep sending us phrases that you want us to challenge. This was HS7’s Chinen Yuri and

Yamada: Yamada Ryosuke

Yama-Chii: See you tomorrow

※I highly recommend you listen to this show because of thier hilarious way of saying things. I pointed out few but some aren't.

Aeris: YamaChiiaeri_s on November 26th, 2008 02:11 am (UTC)
...Put these together, and you'll never get anything less than crack-ken XD

Naa, thank youuuuuuu (You are awesome to the nth degree where n = lim h--> infinity (h^h)
Kyuukisekiworld on November 26th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating this~!
Yamada and Chinen are so cute together! ~ >x
Francie + Keito + Hikaru = ♥forte_tsuki on November 26th, 2008 07:05 am (UTC)
hahah, i always listen to the radio episode and read along the translation so i laugh my ass off listening to them goof off about... hiroshima-ken... arigatou ken for the translations ken! MUAHAHAH
Miyaaa: Yamada and Chinentumblingrabbit on November 26th, 2008 11:58 am (UTC)
lol-ken..:)) YAMACHI is hilarious as ever.. :3 last nights recomn wasnt THAT hilarious.. still it was cute~
lovetantei on November 26th, 2008 11:58 am (UTC)
Chinen: Ryutaro is still eating garlic!

Aww, Heisei families, good times, good times ♥
Cracky!Yamachi, lol.

Thanks for translating~
山☂知: [hsj] OTP ♥ chii eats joo.baliwnababae on November 26th, 2008 12:41 pm (UTC)
I read this earlier but failed to comment.


Thank you-ke~n! XD So cute~ke~n. |D

YAMACHI-KEN~... ... ... ... ;;;;
n4ninen4nine on November 26th, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
haha.. they're so hype whenever they're together.. ahhaha... so cute..
Carmencookierulez on November 27th, 2008 08:12 am (UTC)
XD; omg, that was so funny!
:D translations bring joy to my life.
andrea_queen: ryuuandrea_queen on December 3rd, 2008 08:55 pm (UTC)
listened to this particular radio show so many times!!

ken x1000000000


dorks but <3