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{myojo} Jan 09 HSB

Myojo January 2009 - Private Teacher

Don’t you want to know JUMP’s lives that you don’t get to see? From how they spend their off to floor plan of their “my room”. Scra…. Not that, Private・Teacher will tell you everything♪
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Takaki Yuya

Yuyan’s pictures

○The make up for “Gokusen” fight scene looked very real, I took a picture. The makeup artist was so used it that they finished it in 10 minutes.
○Yuma (Nakayama) gave bubbles to B.A.D.’s Akito (Kiriyama) for his birthday. This is a picture of Akito playing carelessly with his bubbles.
○Are you guys feeling tired lately? A present from me, for those of you who want to feel relaxed. It’s small but this is a picture of penguins that I took at the aquarium.

Yuyan’s Day

Sleep during AM
14:00 Get up
14:30 Lie around and look at cell phone or mail people
17:00 Get out of bed
17:10 Bath
18:30 Go out
19:00 After meeting with friends, go out to eat
21:00 Return home
21:30 Watch DVD
25:00 Got to bed

I want to sleep in on my day off without caring about the time. That’s why I usually wake up around 2PM. I relax on my bed for a moment after I wake up and I finally start moving around in the evening. Is that too carefree? (laughs). I brush my teeth and washing my face when I take a bath. Then, I go out without drying my hair. I always try to hide my hair with a knit hat. If I’m tired when I get back from home, I go straight to bed. I can sleep in just my boxers even in the winter.

Yuyan’s Room

①It’s a dresser I used to keep my close in but now, they are mostly full of fan letters. I didn’t have any place to store them so I started to put them in my dresser but in the end, the amount of fan letter became more than my clothes…
②I usually hang around on my bed because I love being in my room. I watch TV, listen to music, and play around with my cell phone.
③When I was a cast in “Gokusen” the costars and I exchanged signatures on the last day. That’s what I have haning on the wall.

Yuyan’s original lecture
Love, they are everlasting…
Absolutely useful LOVE instruction
In a situation when you like silent type guys, they are mostly shy person so I think it’s better to have girls talk to them. When the person is a talkative boy, you might end with just being friends if you talk to them too much. These kinds of adjustments are the hardest. But I want to say this. Guys usually watches what kinds of person girls are always talking with so, let’s not talk to many guys. We might think “?” if such girl confesses to us.


Inoo Kei

Inoo chan’s pictures

○Takaki, who was near me. I let Yabu kun in it because he looked like he wanted to be taken a picture of. We don’t take pictures of each other that often so this picture is very rare.
○A 3D figure I drew in my art class. I missed the instruction that my teacher was giving so I was panicked because I didn’t know how to draw it. I drew it with just an rough idea.
○I heard rustling noise at night and I found my dog on the table. I asked “What are you doing?” my dog looked at me “what?” with a blank face.

Inoo chan’s Day

10:00 Get up→Breakfast (I like rice with tea poured over) Take the dog for a walk
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Go to movies (action types) with friends
16:00 Play at the game center
16:30 Play billiards
18:00 Eat with friends
20:00 Come home, Shower
24:00 Go to bed

Introducing my recent favorite morning recipe. I put little of fried salmon, salted seaweed, and pickled plum on the rice and pour in the tea. This is the best♥  I take my dog for a walk for 1~2 hours. I take a bath with my dog and get clean together☆then, I play with my friends in the evening as much as possible! I’d get psyched up at the game center or play billiard that I’m getting good at lately. After playing all day, I listen to music on my PC at night to relax. Then sound asleep right away.

Inoo chan’s Room

①My dog who comes in right away if there’s an small opening. My dog wakes me up in the morning. But I can’t set the time (laughs)
②A table I always pile CD or clothes on. It’s a storage space now.
③The room’s center is the bed. That’s why I have to go over the bed to go into my studying area where the desk is. But I always stop at the bed. I haven’t used the studying zone lately.
④If I place my book shelf here, it’s the best way to access my books from my bed. I’m always reading manga. As I drift away from studying more… wait, is this completely a placement mistake!?

Inoo chan’s original lecture
Theme: comfortable sleeping method
Don’t think about anything before you sleep. Do nothing but to have “nothing” in your soul. This is the point. It’s not necessary to use goods that make you easier to sleep. If you have something on your mind that’s making you hard to sleep, try to thinking about breakfast. I think you’d likely see a good dream if you thinking about fun times♪Actually, I spend enriched life 24 hours every day, which I can sound asleep when the night comes. Let’s spend a day so fulfilled that makes you not want to move! You’d be sure to sleep well.

Yabu Kota

Kota’s Picures

○I ate at a Motsu-Nabe place and this is the picture of the liver sashimi that I had. I ordered 5 servings so the table was full of liver sashimi.
※Motsu-Nabe: An organ meat pan
○Chinen was playing a guitar that happened to be lying around near. I thought he looked funny with a gap between the cute vibe he usually has.
○This was a moment where Yamada was looking at me through a mirror in the dressing room. Can you tell that his eyes are sparkling? Yamada is always looking at a mirror (laughs).
※Yamada looks like Horikita Maki

Kota’s Day

10:00 Wake up. Drink one cup of water after waking up
10:30 Relax watching TV in my room or listen to CDs
12:00 Late brunch
13:00 Take a shower
14:00 Shopping alone
15:00 Meet with friends and go to a movie theater
17:00 Dinner at ramen place
17:30 To CD shop and rental shop. Search through for a CD. Rental a DVD
20:00 Go home with friends. Play Games
21:00 Friends goes home, watch the rented DVD
23:00 Read book/manga
24:00 Bath
25:00 Go to bed while listening to the recently bought CD

I wake up at 6 in the morning when I’m early but I usually wake up at 10 on my day off. I heard “it’s good for your body to drink purified water in the morning” from my mother so I try to make it a habit to drink water right after I wake up. Combined breakfast and lunch, Brunch. I mostly eat thin wheat noodles, ramen or yakisoba. Also, my ideal dinner is something I can eat in an instant without taking time. That’s why I usually go to a ramen place. I want to spend time on something else rather than eating.

Kota’s Room

①I recently threw away the bunk bed I used for 10 years. Now, I have sleep on a mattress with futon on it.
②On the dresser, I have certificate of merit from Nikkan Sports for being the rookie of the year in drama Grand Prix.
③I have books, CDs, and DVDs neatly placed in the book shelf. Especially for CDs, I have sorted according to the artist just like a record shop’s showcase.
④Clothes that can’t fit in the dresser are folded and piled on top of each other. It’s a problem that clothes can easily increase.

Kota’s original lecture
Theme: Shortcut to be the karaoke master
Don’t say you don’t go to karaoke because you’re not good at singing! You have to sing at karaoke because you can’t sing. It’s important to get a lot of experience to be confidence. Start off with a song you can sing with everyone then it’s time to sing some song that you can get psyched up with some people. After about 30 minutes, try to sing a medium ballad song alone! By this change, it’d most likely to get everyone’s attention. Also, try to sing with a feeling of becoming that singer and always be conscious about how to convey the lyric clearly. 

Arioka Daiki

Dai chan’s Pictures

○I received my own first dressing room when I appeared on a sports show. It’s usually all 10 people so it was really quiet being alone! I was a bit lonesome (tears).
○Yabu kun, Hikaru kun, and Inoo chan were laughing looking at an laptop. I find it funny how they were all laughing at the same time looking at one thing.
○Before going on senpai’s concert, Chinen was taking a nap. Isn’t he in the strangest sleeping position? His arm is curved like that!

Dai chan’s Day

09:00 Get up
09:10 Watch TV
11:00 Lunch
12:00 Go out by train
13:00 Play with friends
18:00 Go home by train
19:00 Listen to music in bedroom
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Watch TV
22:00 Bath
22:30 Dry hair
23:00 Listen to music, go on internet
24:00 Go to bed

After watching TV in the living room, I eat an early lunch and get out of the house right away. During PM on my day off, I always go out with my friends. This has been a rule of mine since elementary school (laughs). When I had enough playing around watching movies or shopping, I go home and relax in my room. After taking a bath, it’s my relaxing time while I dry my hair. I’m particular about naturally drying my hair for 20 minutes before I dry my hair with a dryer. That’s why it takes time.

Dai chan’s room

①I bought in a chair we used to use in the living room. I always sit here when I watch TV in my room.
②Last year, I bought a same acoustic guitar together with Hikaru kun. I played it every day when I recently bought it but lately…
③I put away my futon when I wake up every morning and I take it out at night. Before I got to sleep, I lay on my futon and I play around on the laptop near my pillow.
④A piggybank in shape of manekineko. I heard if you have this, your luck with money will go up. Is that true?
※Menkei Neko Lit. “Beckoning Cat” also known as Money cat etc.

Dai chan’s original lecture
Theme: Uniform coordination that can make guys fall
“Neatness” is always important! Therefore, wear a white blouse with a black cardigan with all the button closed. But that might make you look too uptight person. Loosen up the knot of a red ribbon and it’d make you somewhat stylish. Plaid skirt with touch of pink mixed in and a little above the knee is the best length. The socks are standard but I like dark blue high socks. Loafer for shoes but it’s certainly forbidden to step on the heels.

Yaotome Hikaru

Hikaru’s pictures

○This is taken on March 29th, 2008 at 5:58 (laughs). Night cherry blossom festival we went out as a family in a long time. Isn’t it beautiful?
○Yabu sleeping in the dressing room  holding on to the member’s towel-blanket. In spite of that, his stomach is showing…
○I witnessed a rainbow form a circle around the sun develops in Hokkaido when I went there for school excursion!! The north was incredible.

Hikaru’s day

09:00 Get up
11:00 Play with friends or the eye doctor, chiropractic, and gym. Maintenance time for my body.
13:00 Go out and lunch
14:00 Out with friends →Talk with friends at their house
19:00 Return home and dinner
20:00 Watch TV in living room. Midnight snack if hungry.
24:00 Bath
25:00 Listen to music
26:00 Go to bed

On my day off, I get ready in 10 minutes after I wake and then, go out. Usually, I go t billiards or batting center with my friends. Lately, I’m doing my best going to gym too. I use muscle training lover Koyama (Keichiro) kun’s “drive yourself to the limit” advice as an encouragement (laughs). That’s why the bath at night is important for me to take my muscle strain off but my mom always makes bubble bath. I take romantic bath every day, even though I don’t want to…

Hikaru’s Room

①2m high book shelf that stands out the most in this 8 matted room. There are many books in this. It comes with a display case for CD on the front so it’s colorful since it’s mostly rock artist album covers. As if it was a general store.
②Guitar that I have to hold every 5 minutes when I’m in room.
③Lint cleaner is necessary for my cleanliness. I will not allow a dust in my room!
④There’s a cooler right above my desk so my eyes gets dry from the wind coming right at my face when I’m studying. I just want to change placements.

Hikaru’s original lecture
Theme: Easy way to do a handstand
The pictures of me when I was little are mostly of me doing the handstand. I don’t remember when I started but handstands are known to be basic of muscle training. It means handstand uses that much power of the whole body. It firms up your thighs and it strengthens your wrist to balance. The point is to image yourself to be a stick. Tighten your butt and stiff your body. Hard as a rock. Remember this and maybe you’ll be able to do a handstand to school someday?




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