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10 November 2008 @ 10:42 pm
{radio} HS7 Yamada x Chinen  

31st Radio Show (OA November 10th 2008) 
Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri

HS7 Ultra Power

Chinen: Good evening, this is HS7’s Chinen Yuri

Yamada: Good evening, this is Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: We’d like to get this show psyched up just us two this week [messes up]

Yamada: What’s wrong? Already?

Chinen: Yay

Yamada: Are you okay?

Chinen: I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay

Yamada: Well, lately we’ve doing that thing. That starts every Saturday at 9PM, not School Kakumei.... what was that

Yama-Chii: Scrap Teacher

Yamada: We’ve been able to star in scrap teacher a little

Chinen: We’re always there. I bet we’re together more than our own families

Yamada: Oh, that’s possible. Umm, it’s certain that we’re with them more than our families

Chinen: Probably more than our family…

Yamada: Hmm…

Chinen: We’re always together

Yamada: With Yuto kun and

Chinen: We’re always sleeping in the buses

Yamada: Chinen, you don’t sleep. You’re always loud. Like in the mornings

Chinen: Feels like I’m not doing work though

Yamada: Oh, but you are doing your work

Chinen: Yama chan

Yamada: What?

Chinen: It’s been a month

Yamada: I know

Chinen: It’s been a while for you so you’re a little, what do you call it? What was it?

Yamada: Nervous?

Chinen: Are you nervous?

Yamada: I am.

Chinen: I’m really nervous too

Yamada: Ease my nervousness

Chinen: I’m really nervous too

Yamada: No you’re not

Chinen: Well,

Yamada: It’s fine

Chinen: Well, today we’ll

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: I was thinking we should start soon

Yamada: Let’s do it

HS7 Ultra Power


Chinen: We’d like to feature Yamada Ryosuke big time

Yamada: Please listen to us until the end


HS7 Featuring Yamada Ryosuke

Chinen: Today, we’d like to feature HSJ and HS7’s member Yamada Ryosuke

Yamada: Hai!

Chinen: I’m going to ask you 7 questions in a row so please answer them honestly

Yamada: I’m very honest

Chinen: Okay okay

Yamada: Oh!

Chinen: 7 question

Yamada: Come on!

Chinen: Start! Ta-daa

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: Tell us your birthday

Yamada: My birthday is… I was born in year 1993 on May 9th

Chinen: Okay. What is your sign?

Yamada: My sign? 便座/benza/toilet seat

[signs usually ends in 座/za]

Chinen: No, no no. I’m not requesting for such an answer

Yamada: It’s Taurus. It’s Taurus

Chinen: Okay, Taurus. Number 3, you don’t ask to tell us your blood type but tell us just in case

Yamada: No no. Let’s do this. It’s type B

Chinen: Type B

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: Very egocentric

Yamada: Yup. I am

Chinen: What’s your hobby?

Yamada: Hobby?

Chinen: Yup

Yamada: My hobby is…. With my pet Ku, my dog Ku. I like to go for a walk a little and just spend time relaxing

Chinen: Then, let me come along with you together. Let me play

Yamada: I won’t look at you as a human being, I’ll look at you as a dog though

Chinen: I see.

Yamada: Just kidding!

Chinen: Number 5, what’s your talent?

Yamada: Talent? Talent, I don’t have any

Chinen: You do not have none!

Yamada: I do have none

Chinen: You can do a lot of things

Yamada: I don’t have any

Chinen: Like playing/dressing up as a girl

Yamada: hmm…

Chinen: Number 6

Yamada: What!?

Chinen: Tell us your strong points

Yamada: Strong points? Eh, strong points? My strong point is that I talk a lot

Chinen: I see

Yamada: No, not “I see” be more, you know, if you don’t ask me more about it, I won’t be able to say anything

Chinen: Number 7

Yamada: It’s my first time

Chinen: For number 7, your weak points are?

Yamada: Weak points?

Chinen: Yup

Yamada: That I’m too loud

Chinen: I see

Yamada: Uwaaii … iii  (?)

Chinen: Well, we had him answer 7 questions

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: Let’s ask him one by one [last part was like-a-baby words]

Yamada: One by one?

Chinen: in details

Yamada: one by one?

Chinen: In details

Yamada: Okay

Chinen: I’d like to ask more about them

Yamada: Well, there isn’t anything you can ask more about my birthday

Chinen: In 197…

Yamada: It’s 1993, May 9th

Chinen: Why were you born in that year?

Yamada: hmm, I don’t know

Chinen: Why were you born on that day?

Yamada: Eh?

Chinen: Why were you born on that day?

Yamada: Maybe fate

Chinen: Why!?

Yamada: I DON’T KNOW!

Chinen: Tell me your reason!

Yamada: FATE!!!

Chinen: Fate

Yamada: Yeah, it was fate.

Chinen: Signs, why are you Taurus?

Yamada: Because my face is like a cow

Chinen: Actually

Yamada: Yeah

Chinen: Why did you act goofy and answered toilet seat? Okay, number 3

Yamada: You ignore that too fast!

Chinen: Okay, number 4. On the question what’s your hobby, you answered… what was it? To play with Ku

Yamada: Yup. With my dog, Ku

Chinen: How old is Ku turning?

Yamada: Ku? I don’t know

Chinen: You don’t know?

Yamada: I don’t. Dogs are… because…

Chinen: You don’t know

Yamada: I don’t know. Oh, when they get old, it’s like by 4 years

Chinen: What’s your talent?

Yamada: You… !!! My talent?

Chinen: What did you say for talent? What did you say again?

Yamada: That’s it? That was it for the talk about Ku? Already?

Chinen: It’s fine

Yamada: Oh okay. Oh well. Talent. I said I didn’t have any talent

Chinen: Why don’t you have any?

Yamada: Hm? Because I don’t have one

Chinen: You have a lot

Yamada: Like I said before, if you say talent, it’s like Chinen … knows how to do ballet? Not ballet but you know doing that spiny thing

Chinen: That spiny thing

Yamada: Doing acrobats are talents to me and my talents are so lame

Chinen: You have a great smile though

Yamada: It’s nothing

Chinen: All the fans are… watching, here, smile smile! See, smile for us, smile! See, Yama chan is smiling! Are you guys watching?

Yamada: They can’t see, They can’t see, They can’t see!

Chinen: Oh, they can’t see. Are you listening?

Yamada: Ahahaha. Cow!

Chinen: Your strong points are that you talk a lot

Yamada: Yup, talks a lot

Chinen: I see… you talk a lot

Yamada: Don’t I talk a lot?

Chinen: Well, yeah you talk a lot

Yamada: See. You’re questioning me so if you don’t ask me anything I won’t be able to say anything

Chinen: You do talk a lot

Yamada: Don’t I talk a lot?

Chinen: You probably talk a lot. Yup

Yamada: Yup

Chinen: I don’t think there’s a need for me to ask more questions here for weak point

Yamada: Weak point? My weak point is also that I talk too much and fail at the end

Chinen: Oh I know I know

Yamada: I do that sometimes

Chinen: You do that a lot

Yamada: Don’t say a lot

Chinen: Well, I hope you learned what kind of member HS7’s Yamada Ryouske is

Yamada: I don’t think this did

Chinen: Tomorrow, we’d like to approach more into Yamada Ryosuke’s true self. Please look forward to it!

Yamada: Okay. Well, please listen to a song for now. It’s HSJ’s

Yama-Chii: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy


Chinen: It’s already time for us to go. We are waiting for your mails

Yamada: The address is

Chinen: Please write the corner’s title on the front of the postcard or by the prefecture you live in. I heard this will increase the odds of your mail being read. This was HS7’s Chinen Yuri and

Yamada: Yamada Ryosuke

Yama-Chii: See you tomorrow!

Yamada: Bye bye

Chinen: Bye Bye

Aeris: Yamada Ryosukeaeri_s on November 11th, 2008 03:53 am (UTC)
They are so dorky by themselves, and when you put them together it's super dork happiness ^-^

Chinen: You can do a lot of things
Yamada: I don’t have any
Chinen: Like playing/dressing up as a girl

...Now we know what Chii wants Yamada to do XD


Eh, was this uploaded somewhere?
誰だろう?!: Keitosmalltownsburns on November 11th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
No D:
Just on youtube!
Aerisaeri_s on November 11th, 2008 04:33 am (UTC)
Um, can I ask where?
誰だろう?!: yamajimachiokasmalltownsburns on November 11th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
Aerisaeri_s on November 11th, 2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
If I didn't love you so much already, it just went up again <3
lovetantei on November 11th, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)
Yamada: I don’t have any
Chinen: Like playing/dressing up as a girl
Yamada: hmm…


Thanks for translating! ♥
Stephaniesteseng on November 11th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
Thank you as always for translating.
selena244selena244 on November 11th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
LOL yamachan is totally not used to the fast-pace of this show!! XD

chinen is totally too fast!! XD

they are sooo cutee together!!
Miyaaa: Yamachi is lufftumblingrabbit on November 11th, 2008 07:26 am (UTC)
dear lord. @_@ they're flirting on air~ ♥

Chinen is being a bully to Yamada.
Chinen's voice is too cute ♥♥♥

thanks for the translation :D
dirahchip_dirah15 on November 11th, 2008 07:32 am (UTC)
chinen asking why is yama-chan born in tha year.
what question is that??
hahaha...so kawaii chii!!
they're really good pair.
IIamu Karugaru (良編軽々): 信じたいhydeist_wannabe on November 11th, 2008 07:44 am (UTC)
"Chinen: Are you nervous?

Yamada: I am.

Chinen: I’m really nervous too

Yamada: Ease my nervousness

Chinen: I’m really nervous too

Yamada: No you’re not"


@yamada: your talents=singing, dancing, dressing like a girl, looking hot and sexy and cute all at the same time...
山知ペーアは本当面白い!私はたくさん笑った XDD
hei_seihei_sei on November 11th, 2008 09:30 am (UTC)
hyaaah Chii soooo cute! XDDDDD
thanks for translating it~ I'm happy yaay! XD
Carmencookierulez on November 11th, 2008 10:24 am (UTC)
ahh~ must download!! XD;
lol chinen wouldn't let him talk XD;;;
*newly obsessed chinen fan*

thanks for the translations! <3
山☂知: [CCS] my fangirl facebaliwnababae on November 11th, 2008 10:48 am (UTC)




Edited at 2008-11-11 01:52 pm (UTC)
JAEsther: HSJ { Yamadajaesther on November 11th, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
arent they the cutest people on earth? <33 hahahaha.
i kept laughing at this..
Yamada: I won’t look at you as a human being, I’ll look at you as a dog though *evil yamada. tsktsk!*
Chinen: Like playing/dressing up as a girl *chinen you .. <33*

omg i kept laughing at the parts where chinen asked yamada why he was born on that day. haha. "Yamada: Because my face is like a cow". AH.

<33333333 thanks alot for this.
マッロンバン ܤ: 山知 :  二番marronblan on November 11th, 2008 06:44 pm (UTC)
jfkjsh dying over the searing cute. I SO NEEDED THIS, TODAY.

THANK YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥
lkyannlkyann on November 16th, 2008 04:44 am (UTC)
This is funny. I love it when Yamada and Chinen are together. Wahaha. Thanks so much for the translations! ^^
Ksilyangpilak on May 21st, 2009 09:59 am (UTC)
Yamada: You… !!! My talent?

the way he said "You!!" was funny. lol.
thanks for translating. ^_^