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10 November 2008 @ 06:19 pm
{Radio} HS7 Nakajima x Morimoto  

28th Radio Show (OA November 5th 2008) 
Nakajima Yuto x Morimoto Ryutaro

Naka-Moto: HS7! Ultra Power!

Nakajima: Good evening! This is HS7’s Nakajima Yuto

Morimoto: Good evening! This is Morimoto Ryutaro

Nakajima: Today, November 5th is Telegram Day!

Morimoto: Oh~!

Nakajima: Oh, I heard it’s because the number for telegram is 115

Morimoto: I see

Nakajima: You don’t use telegram that often

Morimoto: yeah, because we don’t know them

Nakajima: It’s like that, 119 is for ambulance and if some accident happened at sea it’s 118

Morimoto: Really!?

Nakajima: I never heard of 118 though. They also have weather, there are places where they tell you the weather forecast.

 Morimoto: There is?

Nakajima: Have you heard of them?

Morimoto: No. Never

Nakajima: Yeah, we didn’t know anything about it

Morimoto: yeah

Nakajima: I was living just ordinarily until today. You know the November 5th thing. It was normal

Morimoto: Yeah, because we don’t really call the ambulance

Nakajima: Isn’t it amazing that it’s 118 for accidents happened in the sea. They all different

Morimoto: Very rare

Nakajima: Yeah, you know. Well, let’s get this started!

Naka-Moto: HS7! Ultra Power!


Nakajima: This time, we’d like you to listen to our serious side

Morimoto: Please listen to us until the end!


Japan’s Youngest Problem Consultants

Naka-Moto: Yay

Nakajima: This is a problem solving corner. Generally, problem solving is done by people who have led rich life full of experience but young people like us would like to answer them in a serious matter.

Morimoto: Yup

Nakajima: It’s a corner where we listen to listeners problems and study about life

Morimoto: Well, this time we have this kind of problem.

Nakajima: Hai

Morimoto: Saitama-Ken, Pen name I LOVE JUMP san

Nakajima: I LOVE JUMP san

Morimoto: “I’m a 3rd year middle school just like Yamada kun, Chinen kun, and Nakajima kun”

Nakajima: Oh~

Morimoto: “As a student preparing for exams, I am working hard to study but I’m not good at math and no matter what I do I get almost close to 0 points even on my tests.”  

Nakajima: Oh my

Morimoto: “But my school of choice was a private school and is a special school, I don’t have any math and science classes”

Nakajima: really!?

Morimoto: “Do you think I should work on math in this case? I want to hear your opinions” is what she says

Nakajima: I see. I was a bit surprised at the first part. I thought she was going to say “the same middle school!” but it’s totally wrong. Um, math…

Morimoto: But…

Nakajima: How are you Ryutaro? On math, lately.

Morimoto: Math… hmm…

Nakajima: Isn’t it getting hard?

Morimoto: very hard

Nakajima: For math, you know, we never really use them in general, or use them in our daily lives

Morimoto: Yeah. I thought of that

Nakajima: We don’t use simultaneous equations, or others

Morimoto: Since we don’t use them, I think we should just remember how to do adding and subtracting

Nakajima: We would never use linear function or quadratic function

Morimoto: Yeah

Nakajima: We wouldn’t use X either

Morimoto: No we won’t or Y

Nakajima: Yeah like this is X and this is.... it’s disgusting if you’d do that

Morimoto: But you don’t use science either, right?

Nakajima: Yeah. You don’t use science either but well, I think we should know that just in case

Morimoto: Well, I guess

Nakajima: There’s a good side, like weather and stuff. But I guess math too just in case

Morimoto: I think you should do them, maybe

Nakajima: Well, there’s nothing to lose in studying

Morimoto: Yeah

Nakajima: But isn’t it amazing? It’s a special school where they don’t have math and science

Morimoto: I wonder how much it cost

Nakajima: It’s incredible. I think it’s that, they are language kind of those types.

Morimoto: Oh those. I see

Nakajima: It is amazing. What should we do? For the problem. I don’t know what to say but, I think the same problems are what we probably

Morimoto: have too

Nakajima: Have too. We really wouldn’t use math. In our daily lives

Morimoto: No we don’t and Yuto kun has exams too

Nakajima: Oh yeah. It’s like…. I don’t want to

Morimoto: It sucks

Nakajima: I don’t want to. It’s like, really… tiring

Morimoto: I bet it’s really tough

Nakajima: I hate it. I don’t want to study… life isn’t all about studying, but by saying that I’m just running away

Morimoto: Yuto kun, do you have any studying method of your own?

Nakajima: Studying method, I wonder. It’s like, I’m all… when I’m taking exams, I force myself and more I force myself I get sort of good grades.

Morimoto: Oh

Nakajima: I can get 30 points just by not studying anything

Morimoto: Well, that much is just

Nakajima: By not studying

Morimoto: Yeah

Nakajima: If I add studying to that

Morimoto: 70 points, 80 points

Nakajima: Gosh, I’ll go there. I will. Well, let’s see

Morimoto: Yeah

Nakajima: Hmm…

Morimoto: What was getting rid of stress after working hard studying?

Nakajima: Let’s see. Well, I don’t study hard. Well, I sort of a little… when I feel like I don’t want to there’s an electric drum at my house so…

Morimoto: Okay, okay.

Nakajima: I’d start playing them

Morimoto: Probably

Nakajima: I’ll play them. That’s why, I don’t know, I think everyone has different way of getting rid of them

Morimoto: They are different

Nakajima: For studying, there are lots of people who say you should be able to do them

Morimoto: There are a lot

Nakajima: Because, when you get older

Morimoto: You won’t regret it

Nakajima: You wouldn’t be able to study. That’s why some adults who says you should [study] because it’s something you only get to do when you’re in middle or high school

Morimoto: Yeah

Nakajima: I feel like I don’t really know about that. Don’t you think so? Sort of

Morimoto: Yeah. Maybe you should make a treat for yourself?

Nakajima: Oh, like if I finish this today, I can do whatever?

Morimoto: Like I’m going to get a drum if I do my best or buy myself one

Nakajima: Yeah, those kinds of goal should be…

Morimoto: Yup

Nakajima: Yeah. Let’s say a goal, or bait

Morimoto: Yup

Nakajima: Baits, you see. Well, please lure yourself in with baits!

Morimoto: Yeah

Nakajima: Please fish yourself with ummm… baits!

Morimoto: Okay

Nakajima: Well, please do your best. If anyone wants us to hear your problem, please send us a mail or a postcard! That was, Japan’s youngest problem solver

Morimoto: Yay! Please listen to a song for now. It’s HSJ’s Deep Night Kimi wo Omou


Nakajima: It’s already time for us to go

Morimoto: We are waiting for your mails for this show

Nakajima: The address is…

Morimoto: For problem consulting, it’d be more understandable if you wrote the condition you’re in right now in details. Please ask for any problem you have. This was Morimoto Ryutaro

Nakajima: and Nakajima Yuto

Naka-Moto: See you tomorrow!

Aeris: YamaChiiaeri_s on November 11th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
...Is it /possible/ to get close to 0 on a math test? o___________0 And aren't all of JUMP terrible at math anyways? Guys, work hard! Studying is fun, and if you don't go to university, three years is a shorter time than you think!

And yes! Motivation!

Thank you so much <3
dirahchip_dirah15 on November 11th, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
thank for translating.^^
lkyannlkyann on November 16th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
I thought Maths is easy. o_________________________o Thanks so much! ^^