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30 October 2008 @ 09:38 pm
{Radio} HS7 Okamoto x Morimoto  
23rd Radio Show (OA October 29th 2008)
Okamoto Keito x Morimoto Ryutaro

Okamoto: Good evening, this is Hey!Say!7’s Okamoto Keito

Morimoto: Good evening, this is Morimoto Ryutaro who was tricked to say things on yesterday’s ending talbu…. Ending talk.

Okamoto: Hahaha, you sure did say things yesterday.

Morimoto: Hm?

Okamoto: The cake! The cake’s running away~

Morimoto: Wait a minute, I didn’t really liked doing that. Didn’t you think it was weird yourself? You were the one who made me do it~

Okamoto: Yeah~

Morimoto: and you said the entire ending talk all by yourself

Okamoto: hahaha

Morimoto: I just didn’t really like that

Okamoto: Did you wanted me to do whatever you pleased?

Morimoto: No, I didn’t even think of doing that

Okamoto: Oh, sorry.

Morimoto: I wanted people to laugh at that like oh~ that was great but you completely gave the cold-shoulder

Okamoto: Ryutaro always… hmm… that’s the bad side of you. I wanted to teach you, Ryutaro.

Morimoto: What?

Okamoto: Those things happen, in world. In life…

Morimoto: My life doesn’t forgive things like that

Okamoto: No matter what kind of things happens, you have to live without getting upset. Well, it’s about time we start this!


Morimoto: This time, we will do a segment a little different from before.

Okamoto: Oh~ that segment

Morimoto: We’d like to do this in a serious mode. Please listen to us until the end!

Okamoto: Please listen to us until the end~!


Okamoto: Japan’s Youngest Trouble Consultants

Morimoto: Yeah~

Okamoto: Here it goes!

Morimoto: This is the trouble consultant segment. Trouble consultants are people who have rich experience in life

Okamoto: Oh~, rich-life experience

Morimoto: Yup

Okamoto: Well, I have been living for 15 years

Morimoto: We’d like to answer them as seriously as we can. It’s a segment where we can listen to the listener’s problems and learn more on life.

Okamoto: Umm…. Well, I’m going to read the letter.

Morimoto: Okay

Okamoto: This is a problem from pen name Milk-Rumi san. Umm, “everyone from HSJ, congratulations on your new show.”

Morimoto: Thanks

Okamoto: “I hope this become a show that’d continue for 10, 20 years. This mail is to the “trouble consultant” I forget things a lot. I feel like I forget important things more. Sometimes when I get on the train I have “oh! I forgot that” and I run back to get whatever I’ve forgotten but sometimes I find them inside the bag.  I don’t forget things usually, but I forget things more when they are more important. What should I do? Please tell me!”

Morimoto: Oh~, but isn’t it she just a forgetful person?

Okamoto: Yeah, it’s normal. Because I’m always like this.

Morimoto: I don’t think so

Okamoto: Hmm…

Morimoto: I have things like that happen to me a lot

Okamoto: Yeah, I always do that.  

Morimoto: I know, I heard you

Okamoto: Well, the other day… what was that again?

Morimoto: I think, I think….

Okamoto: Hmm…

Morimoto: You can’t run back to the house before you go on the train. Shouldn’t you just leave things as forgotten if you forget them?

Okamoto: So its okay, to just leave it be?

Morimoto: Yeah, like I’m sorry I forgot

Okamoto: So it means, even if you forget your passport when you’re going outside the country, you’re not supposed to go back and get it? I get it…

Morimoto: You just have to check before you go on the train. It’s alright when you find them.

Okamoto: I see. Do you do that, Ryutaro? Before every time you get on the train?

Morimoto: I do

Okamoto: Do you?

Morimoto: But it goes “pa~n” … I’ve forgot my wallet like “pa~n” before

Okamoto: I don’t understand that “pa~n” thing

Morimoto: I do forget my wallet and stuff before I get on the train.

Okamoto: But, that’s my problems as well. Hey, Ryutaro tell me.

Morimoto: Why me?

Okamoto: Wha, what should I to do cure this problem?

Morimoto: First when you forget…. First, you should put everything you want in your bag?

Okamoto: Yeah, but I forget to do that sometimes

Morimoto: Oh, so you’re that type of person?

Okamoto: Yeah, I’m that kind of person

Morimoto: But, Milk-Rumi san forgets more when they are important things. She just has to put things [in her bag] that are not important. So, you should put things that are not important, too.

Okamoto: Then, where do I put the important stuff?

Morimoto: In your pockets

Okamoto: But I forget to put things in my pockets, too.

Morimoto: Anyone would notice that

Okamoto: Really?

Morimoto: Even Milk-Rumi san… So you put things that aren’t important in your bag…and important stuff in your pocket or..

Okamoto: The important stuff

Morimoto: Near you

Okamoto: You mean just to carry it with you all the time

Morimoto: Yup.

Okamoto: Well, anyone who wants us to hear your problems, please send us an e-mail or a mail. That was Japan’s youngest problem consultant.

Morimoto: Please listen to a song now, it’s HSJ’s

Okamoto/Morimoto: Deep Night Kimi wo Omou


Okamoto: It’s already time for us to go. How was the Japan’s youngest problem consultant go?

Morimoto: Like, I wonder if Milk-Rumi san understood us…

Okamoto: Oh, oh yeah.

Morimoto: Yeah

Okamoto: Good to hear. Oh well…

Morimoto: Wait a minute. Hey, answer something? I’m doing my best to talk here~ Say something?

Okamoto: Umm… I’m that kind of person

Morimoto: I understand. We are waiting for your mails.

Okamoto: The address is 105-8002 Bunka Broadcast Hey!Say!7’s Show. The email address is jump@joqr.net jump@joqr.net

Morimoto: Please keep sending us keywords that you want us to talk about, a phrase/word that you want us to say, or problems that you’d like us to listen. This was Morimoto Ryutaro and

Okamoto: and Okamoto Keito

Morimoto: See you tomorrow

Okamoto: Bye~Bye~

メイ: keitomaemeii on October 31st, 2008 05:38 am (UTC)
thanks, as always. :]
hanamamihanamami on October 31st, 2008 07:28 am (UTC)
Thank you!!! x]
hotaru_snowhotaru_snow on October 31st, 2008 08:59 am (UTC)
Thank you!! ^^
山☂知: [CCS] ^^;;;baliwnababae on November 1st, 2008 01:59 am (UTC)
Okamoto: Those things happen, in world. In life…

Morimoto: My life doesn’t forgive things like that

I lol'd. |D;;;

Thank you for this!