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28 October 2008 @ 09:05 pm
{radio} HS7 Okamoto & Morimoto  

21st Radio Show (OA October 27th 2008) 
Okamoto Keito x Morimoto Ryutaro

Okamoto: Good evening, this is Hey!Say!7’s Okamoto Keito

Morimoto: Good evening, this is Morimoto Ryutaro

Okamoto: We’d like to get this show heated up just the two of us this week.

Morimoto: Hai

Okamoto: Ryutaro has a slight cold right now. Well, it is already October 27th.

Morimoto: Sorry

Okamoto: I’m getting used to it

Morimoto: I think I became too easy to catch a cold lately

Okamoto: Really? Starting from today, October 27th, it’s reading weeks for 2 weeks.

Morimoto: I see.

Okamoto: Ryutaro, do you read anything?

Morimoto: I … I don’t read books, I read manga.

Okamoto: Oh yeah, because you’re still a 1st year middle school student. You are a 1st year, right?

Morimoto: Eh?

Okamoto: I used to read manga when I was in 1st year middle school, too.

Morimoto: I hate that.

Okamoto: Hate what?

Morimoto: Just doing nothing.

Okamoto: I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

Morimoto: You know when you’re reading books…

Okamoto: Yeah

Morimoto: It’s hard to understand. Like “What the heck is this?”

Okamoto: The time will come someday.

Morimoto: It’ll never come for me

Okamoto: It’ll come in about 3 years

Morimoto: 3 years…. In 3rd year of middle school?

Okamoto: 3rd year or 1st year of high school. I’m really into books right now

Morimoto: Oh really?

Okamoto: Yeah.

Morimoto: What kind of manga do you read?

Okamoto: Not mangas.

Morimoto: What kind of books do you read?

Okamoto: Books… what was that again? I think “夢を見る像/yume wo miru zou/ elephant that dreams”

※I think Keito means “夢を叶える像/yume wo kanaeru zou/ elephant that grants wishes”

Morimoto: The author is?

Okamoto: Well, let’s leave that aside for now. Also, I read books like “羅生門/Rashomon” by Akutagawa Ryunosuke san or “走れメロス!/Run, Melos!”

Morimoto: But aren’t kanji too hard to understand?

Okamoto: Kanji? … Like I said before, your time will come too. Really. It’ll come even though you’re reading bunch of manga. It’ll come

Morimoto: okay

Okamoto: Okay. Well, let’s get starting


Okamoto: This time, we’d like to talk a lot today by using “that” that was sent by everyone.

Morimoto: We’re also looking forward to what kind of subject we are going to talk about. Please listen to us until the end!



Okamoto: This segment is where we wait for your mails of keyword of the talk and talk about it. We received many keywords. It’s in this box so Ryutaro pull one out.

Morimoto: Hai! Then, this one! Umm… from pen name “Poppo” san.

Okamoto: Poppo san!

Morimoto: The keyword is… “Zoo”

Okmamoto: Oh~

Morimoto: Oh it says “I listen to this every day. Please keep up the good work” at the end.

Okamoto: Oh~

Morimoto: What’s in a zoo?

Okamoto: The zoo? She must’ve love mice.

Morimoto: Hey, I don’t understand. “She must’ve love mice” ?

Okamoto: But there is that “poppo”

Morimoto: Oh, that type of mouse.

Okamoto: Yeah

※Keito is getting “Poppo” from this song “六本木~Giroppon” by 鼠先輩/Nezumi Senpai *must listen for wth/lol -ness*

Morimoto: I don’t think anybody thought of that

Okamoto: The zoo…. I went there alone a while ago.

Morimoto: How lonesome. What did you do…

Okamoto: Not’s not a good way to say it. You should’ve said “That’s great~” or “So, you went there alone~” It was fun.

Morimoto: What’s your favorite? What’s your favorite kind of animal?

Okamoto: I like the cute ones

Morimoto: Like…?

Okamoto: I like the cute ones more than scary ones

Morimoto: So you wouldn’t like snakes or reptiles?

Okamoto: Yeah… well, umm… Yeah, I really don’t like them. But I like cats

Morimoto: oh god, cats

Okamoto: How did it go? If I remember correctly, I went there and I was far away but there was slight water flying out in front of me. Then, it was the lion peeing.

Morimoto: I went to Fuji Safari Park 6 years ago. I went on the car, you know how the car can go through right?

Okamoto: yeah

Morimoto: There were some lions and I was so scared. You know how the lions come near you, right? Everyone else was scared as well because they might get eaten.

Okamoto: Well, yeah

Morimoto: Right? Then, when we start going further into the park, there were some giraffes and elephants. I thought “how cool~!” but the thing that amazed me the most were… you know how they have rhinos?

Okamoto: Rhinos, yeah.

Morimoto: There were fighting, both being male.                          

Okamoto: Oh~

Morimoto: And there’s 1 female

Okamoto: That’s amazing, so amazing. Umm… ubariai… 奪い合い/ubaiai/ fighting each other for [the female]

Morimoto: You just said ubariai

Okamoto: It’s ubaiai

Morimoto: So they were fighting each other for her

Okamoto: Then~?

Morimoto: I took a picture

Okamoto: Yeah

Morimoto: Then, the two rhinos looked at this direction. Where we were.

Okamoto: I wonder what the rhinos thought at that moment

Morimoto: Like “What~?”

Okamoto: Maybe “Wha… what was that?” or “what the heck are they”

Morimoto: Hey, Keito why don’t you pull one out, too?

Okamoto: Oh okay, wait no. I don’t have to pull one out.

Morimoto: Are you saying I talked too much?

Okamoto: Yeah. Well, please keep sending us more keywords that you want us to talk about! That was Hey!Say!TALKING segment.

Morimoto: Hai! Please listen to a song now! It’s Hey!Say!JUMP

Okamoto/Morimoto: Mayonaka no Shadow BOY


Okamoto: It’s already time for us to go. We are waiting for your mails for this show.

Morimoto: The address is 105-8002 Bunka Broadcast to Hey!Say!7’s show. The e-mail address is jump@joqr.net jump@joqr.net

Okamoto: We did the Hey!Say!TALKING segment today. We’d like to do another segment tomorrow so please look forward to it. This was Hey!Say!7’s Okamoto Keito

Morimoto: and Morimoto Ryutaro

Morimoto: bye

Okamoto: Bye~Bye~

Aeris: Raikouaeri_s on October 29th, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
More thank you! (I actually forgot about this radio show ^-^;;)

Haha Ryutaro's such a kid. Just manga, huh? Don't worry, all the grade...7...8s in my school flock to the manga corner too.

Thank you (again)!
Carmencookierulez on October 29th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
thanks for the trasnlation! <3 you deserve lots and lots of love! <3

^_^; is it just me, or does morimoto seem kinda cold?
hotaru_snowhotaru_snow on October 29th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating! ^^
karerou: Chinen.CUTESTandHOTTESTever.karerou on October 30th, 2008 06:02 am (UTC)
Keito said 27october twice. xD