{duet} oct 2010 yamadas

October Duet 2010 - Yamadas
Yamada Ryosuke


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【4】My lucky number! My audition number was number four too. I'm where I am because I passed that audition. I think the number four has a big impact on my life. I don't remember well but I think I had number 4 when I was playing soccer too.

【164】This is my current height. But it was while ago when I had it measured. My actual updated data would be the one taken during health class at school in April but the result came gave false numbers so it’s invalid! Oh by the way, I’m not saying “invalid” because I didn’t grew an inch (laughs). There were others like “I didn’t grow 1mm but why does it say I grew 6cm!?” so it gave off measurements. The reliance level of the new data is pretty low. That’s why I think “height of 164cm” is correct even though it’s an old data. I don’t remember growing since then either …. My ideal height? Ideally about 170cm. But the only good reason of being tall is that you can reach places, looks cool and that’s about it for me. You might look more than great outside but I feel like having what you can compete inside is more than enough. (Staff adds in “then I guess it doesn’t matter if Dai chan got taller right?”) No way, I’d freak out! But there’s no way Dai chan will grow taller out of the blue ♪ (laughs)  

【54.5】My current weight. I made a goal of losing 3kg before SUMMARY started so I tried dieting by not eating after 6 pm. When I checked, I lost 4.5 kg. Thanks to that, my body feels light now. But I want to lose 1.5 kg more to be 53kg. I just think that’s the best weight for me.

【28】My number at high school. There are only 19 people in my class but I’m number “28”, weird right? It’s a confusing system only at my school. The girl’s number starts off with 1 but even if it ended at 16, the guys numbering starts with 20. With my class, girls are 1 to 10 and guys are 20 to 28. We all line up in (Japanese) alphabetical order so “YAMADA” is the very last. By the way, Chinen is number 25 and Yuto kun is number 26.

【37】My number when I was in middle school (laughs). If you count by alphabetical order, I’m usually the last one. But this is actually a good thing. Teachers sometimes pick by “hmm, today’s the 12th so the person with student number 12 please answer” you know? But 37th day doesn’t exist so I’ve never been picked during class that way.  

【10】Of course 10 being JUMP! Even though the huge number of people in a group was a problem when we first started but how we can all get along with this number of people is something I can brag. I can never imagine us splitting into groups or fighting. I’m really glad for such a sense of security. But we still have problems too. Like today, look at this (points to empty sushi container on the table) Sushi gone that fast!? Duet was kind enough to have it delivered for us but they were gone an instant. When it comes to food, you’d never get to eat if you eat slowly. Like survival of the fittest (laughs).


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{duet} May 10 Okphoto

Duet May 2010 - Okamoto Keito's OKphotO
Okamoto Keito

This is a column to introduce favorite picture taken by Keito. In this month, we’ll show you a piece of art created by accidentally! The title of this work of art is … “My Shadow”!?

This is a picture taken at night in my living room. Doesn’t it look like a girl is reaching out her hands!? When I saw that, I though “that’s a girl! I have to take a picture~!” and took a picture of it (laughs). The light hitting my interior decoration just happened to make a shadow like this. (Hikaru bursts in “I thought your dad found this shadow art (laughs)”) No~! I found this~! (laughs)